Waiting in church (NSFW)

I’m sitting here, waiting for the service to start. I can hear the little old ladies around me, gushing about my husband’s voice. If only they knew what that “saintly” man did to my body last night.

My mind wanders. thinking about how he made my body shake with desire and destroyed me completely with his fingers and tongue.

Suddenly, I see my phone light up, ah, Souls Escape. My nether regions clenches with anticipation. Oh, let the naughtiness begin….

He opens with a simple “Hi” but I know this conversation will disintegrate quickly.

“Hi” I text back

“Being a good girl?”

“Define good” I cheekily reply.”There’s being good, and being good at it”


Busy?” He asks

“Not really, waiting for church to start”

“Seriously? Church?”

“Yup, very Sunday”

“Mmmmmm, Do you wear a skirt to church”

“Umm, yes…. but I like to be naughty, no panties”

“Mmmmmm, fuck, now I’m hard!”

I lick my lips in anticipation, I don’t know where he is going with this, but I quickly look around to make sure the dear old bitties can’t read my screen.

👄 I reply

“One day I might just come to your church and slip into the pew beside you”

“Oh, why would you do that?”

Damn, the organ starts to play, the choir and minister enter… this means the Lion can see me now…hmmm… actually this could be even more fun.

I stand to sing the opening hymn, feeling a little flustered and definitely already turned on. I just met this man online yesterday morning, but already we have shared some very intimate details, I want more.

Finally, the opening is done, and we finally get to sit down, I reach for my phone, anxious to read what he wrote during that time.

“First I’d place my hand on your knee. Then slowly, slide you skirt up until my hand could slip under it. Caressing you inner thigh, moving slowly to you waiting clit

You would have to keep quiet while massaged your clit, can you do that?




Did I lose you?”

“Sorry” I text back… “church started”

“Oh, need to go?”

“NO, this is way more fun”

“What are would you like me to do next?”

I glance up, just as the Lion walks up to begin the reading. Oh the deliciousness of it, he is up there being pious, and I am sending explicit texts to a complete stranger. He catches my eye, and I smile, a perfectly innocent smile in return. My thumbs rapidly typing away below where he can’t see them.

I begin the type:

“Well, I think we need to find a private place in the back of the church, I think I know just the place”

“Ah, good girl, can anyone see us?”

“Nope, very secluded”

“Perfect, what will we do?”

“Let’s start with very deep kiss. Our tongues exploring each other.

Your hand slides down and unbuttons my blouse, and your fingers slowing find their mark and my nipple harden with excitement”

“Fuck, you are a temptress, my pants are very uncomfortable now”

“I’d better do something about that”

“Oh, what will you do?”

“My hand slowly unzips, and finds your hard cock waiting”

“Oh, it’s fucken hard!”

“I slip it out, and wrap my hand around it a gently slide it down”

“Fuck, you don’t have to be gentle!”

Oh, I won’t be when we meet, I think. I plan to jump this man!

Time to kick this up a notch…

“Suddenly, you turn me around and push me over, bending me at my waist”

Damn… time to stand… can’t text for a bit. My mind can’t concentrate on the prayer. The Lion looks in my direction. He frowns. I did not stand in time. Can he tell? My pussy is so wet thinking about my secret lover, my face must be flushed with the rising desire I can feel below.

“Where did you go? You left me hanging here”

“Just needed you to think about what you wanted next” I taunt.

“you know what I want”

“Hmmmmm, you lift my skirt and find a wet pussy”

“Damn, girl… you are killing me here”

“You dip you fingers into the creamy wet slit, and I moan with delight, your fingers circle, my body starts to press back, and you finger slips into the waiting hole, I gasp”

My breathing has increased, I can feel my face flush. I glance up and make sure the Lion is not glaring at me again. He’s oblivious. Evil grin forms in my head, so wicked…

Time for the prayers of confession.

Sins of omission and commission

Hahahahaha. Should I ask for forgiveness for sexting a stranger in church?

I continue to text:

“Your cock slowly enter my dripping cunt. You begin to rock and slide your hard rod in and out.

My knees shake and try not to cry out as I ride the pleasure wave”

“OMG. You are a naughty girl, in church no less

What’s next?”

“As you feel my pussy start to clench, you pull out and plunge your soaking wet cock into my willing ass, you cum, shooting your hot load into my ass. I clamp my hand over my mouth to keep the scream escape as I cum hard”

“Fuck me”

“I plan to 😈”

Got him, the evil grin escapes and spreads across my face. Oops, I look around again and make sure no one sees. Nope, they are intently listening to the service.

“I so want to make that happen” he texts


“How about Tuesday? I have the day off” he quickly returns.

“Sounds yummy, lunch and maybe more?”


I gotta go jerk off now”

I almost laugh out-loud.

The was one of the most naughty things I have ever done. The feeling was exhilarating, my heart is still pounding later as I get up for Eucharist.

I immediately regret choosing not to wear panties this morning.

I can feel pussy juice rolling down my leg…..

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