The fog

He woke me up, I’d fallen asleep… waiting to start. It has been a long day.

“Baby, did you forget Daddy was waiting for you?”

“Sorry daddy” I murmur and follow him, to the dungeon. My mind blurry, as I struggle to make the stairs…

I sit demurely, as I am supposed to, and try hard to listen my my instructions. “Black outfit, plug, cuffs, red robe, hair in two braids….”. Ah, my mind clears a bit, something new, I need to pay attention.

“Bring your collar and leash to Daddy once you are ready”

“Yes, Daddy”.

“You may go”.

“Thank you, Daddy”

Ah… the process of getting ready always helps me move my mind from the before to the next. The sleep fog begins to lift. And the beginning of the “baby fog” starts.

I make sure I am clean and ready for Daddy, scrub and preen. Prepare and dress. Slowly, and purposely. Each piece of costume added removes a part of Tasha, and adds a bit of Baby.

I’m ready for Daddy. A final check in the mirror… the sleep forgotten, the beginning of the thrill of play approaches.

I walk slowly, letting my heels signal my approach… his eyes lift, and I see the smile of appreciation slowly spread across his face.

“Very nice Baby”

“Thank you Daddy”

I stand and await my next instructions… I don’t know what he had planned for me today. I have feeling there is something else in the air.

He takes the vape, takes a deep inhalation and hands it to me. I watch as the lazy fog slowly escapes his lips….

I take a slow breath, and fill my lungs with the gentle mist of fun…. let the effects slowing fill my mind and body….

Another inhale, and pass it on…

I feel the slow creep of the pleasure fog begin its magic, and the worlds begin to soften on the edges.

“Come knee, and hand me your collar”

“Yes, Daddy”. As I hand over his symbol of his ownership of my body and mind for the next who know how many hours.


I follow him, my legs unsteady from the anticipation. I stand at the foot of the bed, and wait instructions.


Oh! This is also different. What does Daddy have in mind.

“Lie back”

Mmmmmm, my mind flows into a different space as I lie back.

I hear familiar sound, the clinking of the spreader bars! Yeah! I will need to be grounded tonight.

He quickly gets me ready… my mind relaxes, as my control is released.

My legs are spread and lifted, my arms movement restricted. As he lift the bar into the air, my ass and pussy are his to do what wants with…

I close my eyes and wait.


Ahhhhh…. why does the first smack of his hand always send my head in a spin and my pussy in to a heated state…. I so want him to smack me again!


He reads my mind,

His hand caresses the red marks he has left behind. Circling closer to the center.

His finger begin to explore, spreading my lips exposing my pink wet folds

“Very nice, baby, you are so wet for Daddy”

“Yes, Daddy”


OH!! He smack the centre, sending shooting sparkles of pleasure thought my foggy brain…

His fingers continue their exploration, slipping in and out. My mind a swirl. As his fingers find my pleasure zones, the fog begins to change colours, and my back begins to arch.


Fuck me!



His fingers move around, I feel something breach the back. Omg! The sensations are over the top. He has one on my clit, one in pussy, and now rimming my ass, and the plug.

My head wants to explode from the pleasure.

I feel him stretching the hole, as one finger enters. OH MY GOD! I cry out…


He laughs… “Is baby happy?”

“Fuck, yes daddy, don’t stop” I pant.

He picks up the pace and begins to assault my ass, the plug is pulled, with an explosion of fireworks in my head, and a second finger enters. pounding his fingers hard into both my ass and pussy at the same time!

I can’t help myself… I can see the fog in my head coming together, the convulsions begin, I can’t stop.

“Please Daddy, may I cum?” I scream.

“No” and he pulls away!

Oh. My. God.

I’m left a writhing mess… my body can’t help it self, it wants more, but can’t move for the spreader bars.

Fuck… he is not done.

He grabs the bar, and lifts my legs again. Once again exposing my now soaking wet holes…

The edge of cum dissipates, as he pauses, I wait for the next assault. Hoping….

OMG… I feel his huge cock… poised…. ready to fill my empty desperate hole…

“Yes, please daddy” I cry out, and he enter me.

FUCK! I can’t get enough… Daddy fills me up and begins to rock.

Fuck, fuck fuck… I feel the clouds swirl again. The Colors build…

Daddy’s cock pounding hard. Filling me, my cunt can’t help itself, the waves begin, as each stroke hits that magic spot, shooting extasy though my body.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” I shout with each shuttering pump.

My head throws back, as I let out a primal scream of delight. “PLEASE DADDY, CUM?”

“Yes, Baby cum on my cock”

Fuck, why do those words always push me over the edge.

I come with a crash… the fog in my head a swirling technicolor mix of stars and shooting fireworks!

Daddy is not done…

He continues pound, the fog builds and, and over and over I go… my body unable to stop.

The fuck fog descends…

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