Daddy’s hands

His fingers gently slipped under my robe and brushed the back of my thigh.

My breath caught in my throat, the feather light touch seemed to almost burn my skin. Then it was gone.

“You are a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

I answer breathlessly “yes, daddy”

His fingers continue their caresses. Softly, brushing past the inside of my knees, the gentle touch sending shivers of desire shooting though my body.

Circling back and forth, up and down. My mind gets lost in the feeling. His hands floating over my skin. My ears begin to ring with longing.

My head falls back, as he reaches the heat of my need. I can feel his hand brush my mound. My hips jump. My knees lose their strength.

I cream with the thought of what is next.

I reach for him for support. My one hand finds his head, the other his shoulder.

Daddy’s hands continue to explore the sensitive skin inside my legs. His weightless swirling fingers, building a crescendo of swirling noise in my head.

My fingers match his rhythm, running circles through his hair.

My robe slips from my shoulders, dropping to the floor, a puddle of silk. My mind slips from reality, a puddle of desire.

Daddy’s hand reach up. “mmmm” he murmurs. “Sexy panties, baby”

“Thank you, Daddy” I hear myself whisper in return.

Daddy’s finger stroke the silk and lace.

“Did Baby put her plug in?”

“Ye…” my breath catches before I can finish. Daddy found my plug and stars shoot.


He laughs… “Yes, Daddy?”

“Yes daddy” I quickly reply.

“Has Baby been a good girl this week?”

Oh dear, I know where this is going… my mind is still rolling from the near cum.

“Yes Daddy”

“Really? You have not been talking to your boyfriends”.

“No Daddy”

“I don’t believe you, you are such a slut, you have been teasing those boys, haven’t you?”

“No Daddy”


There it is.

The first spank always sends a thousand messages throughout my body.

My pussy jumps with anticipation of the second.


Fuck… why does it hurt so much, why does it feel so good!

“Thank you, Daddy!” he demands

“Thank you Daddy” I reply.

His hands return to their caressing. Feathering from my ass to thigh.

“You like fucking those other boys?” Daddy asks

Shit, this is a trick question. What ever I answer will result in a punishment. My ass screams for more abuse.

“Yes Daddy”

Smack, smack!

Yeeesssss… stars of pleasure shoot through my body… I want more…

“But I have not for a long time, Daddy, I told the last boy to go away” I confess.

“Well, that was naughty, baby”

Smack, brush, smack, caress, smack, massage…

His hands alternate between pain and pleasure.

His words slowly permeate through the fuck fog in my brain.

Telling the boy to go away was naughty?

I’m confused… I though he wanted me to himself.

I risk a question “why is that naughty, Daddy”

“Are you questioning Daddy?”

“No! Daddy”

“Good girl” he rewards my quick reply with a thumb on my clit and his fingers manipulating my plug…

The swirling Colors and noise fill my senses again. Lost….

Daddy is talking…. I pull myself back to reality…. “Daddy was looking forward to playing with the Coach and Terisha again”

“Sorry Daddy?”. I have not tracked what he is saying, again…

“You were not listening to Daddy!?”


“Sorry Daddy!”

Too late…

Daddy’s hand have found his crop.


I scramble onto the bed… my mind has snapped back to now… my body tingling with anticipation.

“Show me your ass”

I arch my back, and press my ass into the air.

Daddy’s hands pull my ass towards him I feel his hard cock pressing against my thigh… I want…

“You know I wanted to play with Terisha again”. He states. Pushing me away gently…

Snap snap snap….

My skin is sensitive from the earlier caresses. The crop bites my thighs, and shoots a stinging pain were daddy’s hands hand warmed it before.

“I did not tell you to say goodbye”

Snap, snap, snap…

Each contact of the crop sends a rainbow of sensations careening inside my head and body. I want it to stop, I want more.

“I wanted to fuck Terisha again….”

Snap, snap, snap….

“I wanted to watch you fuck the Coach again…”

Snap, snap, snap…

“I wanted us to eat Terisha’s pussy again…“


The paddle!!! Omg… fuck me, my pussy convulses with the extreme pain and pleasure of the impact. Or maybe it’s the memory of that night of pleasure and play.

SMACK! Daddy evens the pain. My ass burns with heat…. I can’t stop myself, my head drops, my ass presses back, aching for more abuse.

Daddy reads my mind.


Fuck!!!! My cunt convulses… I feel the gush escape. My cum rolls over my body…

Daddy’s hands slide over my burning flesh… “beautiful round ass” he murmurs…

He pulls my ass toward him, and presses his now rock hard cock against my sensitive cheek.

“Slide your panties off your ass”

I reach around and slowly slide my panties over my stinging bum…

“Mmmmm, nice, slowly” he murmurs

I stop, pause for a second and let the pleasure of his words roll over me. I slip my panties to my thighs and stop. I know he like to see my ass exposed is such a slutty way.

His fingers dip into my creamy cunt. He murmurs his appreciation.

I can feel my pussy starting to stretch with his fingers assault… my cunt wants more, I can’t stop myself… I press back…

Fuck, the feeling of being stretched and assaulted send the fuck fog back, I am lost in the feelings…. his other hand begins to rim my ass and play with my plug at the same time…


“Ask”. He demands….

I can’t…. I’m lost… his fingers become for demanding… pumping my pussy, my ass… pushing me over…

“CUMMMM???” I scream.

“Yes, baby, cum for Daddy”

Why does that one sentence always send me over …. I can’t stop myself, I crash over the cliff… cumming and cumming again. My body undulates and pushes back, demanding more… stop…don’t stop… I can’t stop… the cums keep coming… my pussy and ass burn with his assault…

Pain intensifying the pleasure.

My head finally explodes with a million technicolor stars…

I collapse

Daddy’s hands…..

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