Breakfast in bed

He gently woke me up, reaching over to pull my hand towards him.

In my sleepy state I was a first confused, but the rising member quickly told me what his intentions were.

My hand felt his hard cock. The tip already moist with anticipation. My fingers slip over the glistening bulb.


His hands slide over my prone body, caressing my ass and reaching for more.

I shift myself, and my tongue finds its mark.

“Mmmmm, just the tip, Baby, don’t be greedy in the morning”

Its ok, I love to play with the tip, my tongue licking and lapping, enjoying the sleepy delights.

His fingers entwine themselves in my long locks, that are trailing around his belly.

I feel the gentle pressure as he slowly presses my head down, slowly , very slowing sliding his cock into my mouth.

His finger pull, letting know it’s time to pull back…

Push and pull, he directs my head up and down his cock.

“Don’t forget my balls”. He reminds me…

Mmmmmm, my hand finds my prize, and I gently squeeze. I’m rewarded with a little jump and I can feel his cock grow more in my mouth.

Mmmmmm. Fuck I love the way that feels.

Time to get up, onto all fours, I can better get him down my throat.

His other hand slides down my side, and slips in between my folds.

“You like it when I finger your cunt while you suck my cock, don’t you? You little slut”

All I can reply is mmmmmm, I have a huge cock down my throat.. but yeah! I’m a slut… my body answers for me, my hips starting to rock.

“You are such a slut, sucking Daddy’s cock, while your pussy gets fingered, how many can I get in today?”

“One, two, three, oh you are a greedy girl”

“Thank you Daddy” I try to reply, while my head bobs up and down.

My pussy jumps and starts to convulse. His cock reaching deeper and deeper into my throat. Fuck I love the feeling of being fucked while I have cock deep in my throat.

“You slut, you like it when I talk dirty and finger you, don’t you?”

Fuck yeah! I am! I do!

OMG! My full bladder is making this more intense. The pressure on my g-spot is internal and external. Making the sensations shoot through my body… I feel the first cum building quickly.

His cock is jumping and pulsing in rhythm to my pussy clutching his fingers.

I plunge down, driving his cock deep into my throat, causing the gag reflex, my cunt jumps, his cock pulses hard… FUCK!

Again, and again I plunge, the cum growing and building.

Fuck! Yeah!

I can feel my pussy gush with delight, his fingers slamming harder into by cunt.

His cock begins to pump, my mouth fills, sucking and swallowing… yum yum yum!

He is rewarded with another cum… my pussy gushes again it’s pleasure.

Fuck! Morning delights!

Breakfast in bed!

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