The fan

We had been teasing each other for weeks.

The delightful banter was enticing and filled me with a desire to go further, find out if his tongue is as skilled in person as his words would lead me to believe.

The Lion is out of town. This makes it easier. I reach out to the Coach, he’s always willing to be my wing man, and besides, he likes to watch.

And, the The Fan is an exibitionist, win, win.

I’m meeting him at the mall, in the food court. I’ve met so many treats there, some more satisfying that others. I have a feeling this one will be delicious.

Clothes are always important for this type of activity. I take my time and pick out the perfect outfit. Low cut blouse, and sexy lacy bra that clips in the front. Can’t make it too hard for him if he’s interested. Mini-skirt… hmmm. Panties? Ha! I never wear panties with a skirt. More fun that way.

Heels of course.

I drive around the parking lot, looking for the perfect spot, secluded, yet not alone. Where there is privacy, but you can see who’s coming.

Again, the coach’s lessons coming to mind from the park and ride

I find a good spot, and check out the surrounding vehicles…. my lips curl into a grin as I spot his car, the student has done well, there he is, already in position, waiting to see what I will bring back for him to watch.

“Hey sexy, looking good” my phone pings.

“Thanks” I quickly reply

“He is definitely going to want you, in those heels”

I can feel the wetness begin. I love to feeling of being desired. And watched.

I head on up to the food court… my eyes scan the crowd. The anticipation of meeting someone new is always scary and exciting.

I spot him.

He spots me.

Again, a slow grin spreads across my face… yum, this will be fun.

The awkward moment, he pauses, unsure.

“Hello young lady” he says… his classic greeting.

“Hello handsome” I return, my classic return.

He reaches out to shake my hand.

It always makes me laugh inside when they do this. We have been quite explicit in what we would love to do to each other cock, cunt and ass. He has seen pictures of all of the above… and yet, the gentleman is in the mall….

I reach in and give him a hug and a discrete kiss. We are in my hood after all… who knows will see us! Maybe one of those little old ladies from church!

I feel his eyes travel up and down my body.

He has read what I have written. He knows

Again, the thrill of first meets runs up then down my spine, straight to my pussy, which purrrrs in expectation.

Yum. This will be very fun.

We find a spot and sit and talk, about nothing and everything. The actual conversation does not matter.

My eyes dance.

He’s gleam in return.

Fuck… we do want each other.


“Shall we wander?” he suggests.

About time! I think, The Coach will be wondering, getting bored… or maybe his keeping himself occupied!

“Yes” I breath in return… and lead him on.

We both know what we really want to do.

As we wander through the mall, I can feel his presence beside me. He has told me what he want to do…

Finally, we reach the car… I want to just shove him in, so we can start….

Another awkward moment, they just don’t make cars for this anymore. There is a damn stick is in the way… and not the right stick.

I lean in, my hand reaching up to find his face, and pull him in… the first kiss. Sensual and exploratory.

Our lips meet…

Slowly exploring. Tasting. Our tongues darting over each other. Mmmm…. just as I hoped tasty.

His fingers explore my chin, my neck, my ears… mmmmm, he is as skilled with his fingers as he claimed. He gently massages my ear lobes, and he knows how to hit all the right spots to get the right reactions in all the right places.

Mmmmm…. I love the first kiss. The exploration of new mouths, faces, bodies…

My hands begin their wandering… as my tongue explores his mouth. Sliding down my hand reaches closer and closer to his bulging crotch.

I smile a bit, I’m feeling like I need to tease a bit…

One finger, gently, I run around the straining member against his fly. Teasing about what it will do next.

His breath hitches just a bit, again he knows what is likely to happen next…

My eyes dart around, keeping an eye on the parking lot… I spotted the coach’s car when we walked back to my car.

Yes! There he is.

Let the games begin

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