The ride

Getting ready is a ritual.

Each piece of appareil is inspected for flaws and then put on. Purposefully, mindful.

It reminds me of another ritual dressing. Where I change from busy, in control, executive, to Baby.

As I dress, my excitement is increased. I have been looking forward to this all week.

Simple pleasures.

He waits for me to be ready. Smiling he asks “ready?”

I smile back “yes”

I climb on. Spreading my thighs to accommodate him and nestling in. I wiggle my hips as I settle in place.

“Ok?” He asks

He bought this powerful toy with my pleasure and comfort in mind. The Lion likes to look after me. I need to remember that.

“Ready” I say, once I have found the right spot.

He revs the engine, and off we go.

My inner goddess squeals with delight, she loves that rumble between her thighs.

As we start off, I can feel the worries and thoughts of the week slip away. The low growl of the engine beginning to work it’s magic. My thighs on either side of his hips forces my pussy to be stretched open, like it’s expecting something.

As we glide alone, within a few minutes my mind wanders…

The winds whistles past, it reminds me of the sound I hear in my head just before I cum. My mind starts to wander there…

The wind has made my skin sensitive and it tingles, waiting…

I can feel imagined hands caressing my face… pulling my face upwards to meet his lips. Gently at first, he explores my lips. His tongue and mine begin the slow dance.

Mmmmm….. my body relaxes…. my mind continues in this direction as we speed along the countryside.

I can feel his hands being to explore the rest of my body… one hand sliding down my back, until it rests in the small of my back, firmly holding me so I don’t fall.

My mind continues the journey, his other hand explores the rest of my body. My nipples harden at the thought.

Mmmmm…. my hands can’t help them selves, I reach around the Lion, and caress his chest through his jacket. My sensitive nipples press against his back.

My mind lover is him, and every other lover mixed together. All of them, and none of them….

As I sit pressed against him, I imagine each ones special skills, my body responds. Continuing its fantasy journey…

Each bump and twist sending a jolt up through my body from cunt, to nipple to my mind. My hot box rubbed and stretched with each bump and slightest movement causing pleasure. Under it all the constant hum and buzz of the powerful beast.

The Lion enjoys the ride as well, and we have reached the fun part, he navigates the twists and turns. The engine purrs under us.

As we swag along, I can feel the changing pressure between my legs. The excitement has built with my wandering mind. The wind continues its assault on my hearing. We speed up as the road straightens in front of us.

The increase of speed, the white sound in my ears, I feel my pussy begin its undulations…. fuck.

I can’t shift my position, but in an effort to relieve the building tension, I stretch my knees further apart. I am rewarded with a wonderful wave of pleasure from my already stretched and sensitive hole… I imagine cocks…fingers… playing with my exposed clit.

Mmmmm… the buzzing in my ears, the forces position of vulnerability, and my mind have brought me to the cliff edge…


I have to wait….

He will push me over that edge…

For now, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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