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Girls day out.

It started with a simple offer….

The Lion’s girl friend had never had her pussy lasered… and well, I love a smooth kitty….

So, the day began to be planned. I invited her to come with me, I wanted to get a laser touch up, and we could make a girly day of it.

Daddy suggested we should also go shopping with his credit card for some additions to our wardrobes… well ok, then!

So off we went… credit card in hand…

The first stop, the spa… the most yummy little thing greeted us, crop top and lovely tight yoga’s…. she efficiently took care of any stray hairs lingering around the play zone.

Then off to get some pretty things….

We ended up at her apartment, to finish our girls day, a quiet evening at home.

She, as always took control of the situation. Daddy has told her all about my good and bad. but today was not about me, it was all about her.

“well, Slut, are you ready”

“yes” I breath.

She bring cuffs, collar and a leash into the room.

Mmmmmm, my cunt purrs with anticipation.

Quickly the buckles are fastened, and I feel the power shift….. the shopping and spa was under my control… she had the reins.

She slowly clips the leash to the collar, and gently pulls me down.

I can’t resist, those lovely juicy lips are calling me, I steal a kiss on the way by.

“kneel! slut!” she commands.

I kneel…. my mind wondering what she has in mind.

“I did not tell you to kiss me”, she rebukes “but I also did not object” she adds

“Sorry” I apoligize

“Good Girl”

Her hands explore, taking in all my curves, slipping under my corset, she pinches my nipples, I gasp in response, my mind starting to move to subspace.

“Come, Slut!” she commands, “bring the glasses!”

As usual, it takes me a second to bring my mind back to the room, and try as quickly as possible to follow her to the play pen.

Setting the glasses down, I await her direction.

“Get that pillow and bring it here”

I quickly grab the pillow, and anticipating her needs, I kneel at her feet.

“Oh you are a good Slut”

She rewards me with a lingering kiss….. mmmmmm

Tongues entwine, her soft lips explore mine.

She gently guides my head down to her beautiful tits. My tongue twirls around the pretty pink tips. Slowly circling I can feel her nipple peek in my mouth, gently sucking I am rewarded with a prrrr.

Mmmmmm, my tongue drifts to the right, the other side needs attention too.

I repeat and again feel her nipple respond, her hand reaches to pull me back up for more kisses.

“Get on the bed, on your back, slut!”

I eagerly clamour into place.

She leans over me, and smiles “Good girl”

She produces a tie, and begins to tie my hands in place, clasped beneath my chin, slowly, methodically, ritually, she entwines the cuffs to collar, getting consistently tighter until I am unable to move my arms at all.

Mmmmmm she prrrrs…

Her hands roam… touching and feeling down my body…

She gently takes one ankle then the next, and spreads my legs as far as they are comfortable, exposing my lacy covered holes.

She smiles… and returning for a kiss, she puts on a blindfold.

I am now completely at her mercy.

I feel a gentle scratch along the outside of my thigh, then along the other…. the sensation moves… along the inside of my thighs… slowly working it’s way up.



More scratching…. smack

Scratch, smack, scratch, smack….

My minds starts to fade, the slow entry of sub space…

The bed shifts and I feel the cool drool of lube along my leg, followed by the warmth of her lips straddling, and starting so slide.

“Mmmmm, you have a beautiful kitty” she murmurs, slowing riding my leg as her fingers slide up and dip between my soaking wet folds.

“You are creamy”

“Thank you”. I reply… unsure what else to say…

She knows exactly where to run her fingers, swirling and circling my clit… mmmmm…. my eyes begin to roll, my head and back arch.

I can feel her getting wet as she continues her gliding up and down on my leg in rhythm to her fingers play.

Her fingers dip inside my tight passage… sending the shooting pleasure throughout my body… fuck, I’m so close….

Rub, grind, dip, rub, grind dip….

My cunt begins to tremor… the cum builds.

“Oh no, bitch, you don’t get to cum before me”

Fuck….. her fingers stop, the cum dies with in me… I collapse in frustration…

“Move so your head is on the edge of the bed”. She demands.

I so desperately want to please her, so she will reward me with a cum.

I scramble as fast as possible, still tied up.

My head on edge of the bed, mouth ready…

“Oh you are a Good girl, aren’t you?”

I know better than to actually answer

“Thank you”. I murmur.

“Stick your tongue out, and don’t move”. She instructs.

Her clit descends onto my tongue as she straddles my face…Her honey sweet juices fill my senses and she begins to rock…

Mmmmm, I can feel her juices begin to build, my tongue can’t help it’s self, it flicks and I begin to suck her into my mouth.

“Naughty girl”. She corrects “don’t move, let me do the work”

I will pay for this, later, I giggle to myself… hoping.

I hold my tongue still.

She continues her ride, this time, rocking hard and driving my tongue down into her cunt… forcing me to fuck her. My nose between her cheeks, I struggle to breath, but the flavours and reward is worth.

Her juices flow, her cum begins to build, she continues to grind and pound my face.

She moans and I feel her juices squirt into my mouth…. like a good girl I lap them up… eager for my reward.

“Mmmmm, very good, slut”.

“Now get on all fours”. She commands as she dismounts. “At the foot of the bed, I need to explore that greedy ass of yours”

Yes, yes, yes! I love love love Ass play!

“I’m more gentle than Daddy” as she puts a generous amount of lube on the large vibrating rimming plug…

Fuck, I love that plug….

I can feel her gently running the plug around my waiting rosette. I desperately want her to violate the hole. My ass is hungry and I know it will explode with pleasure as the plug spreads my rim and enters.

She continues her rimming of my hole… my frustration builds

Please please please I plead in my head…

“Shhhhh, greedy girl, you need to wait until I am ready”

Oh! It was not in my head!

My ass is desperate for the plug… I feel the tip in place, and lean back trying desperately to feel it enter.

She pulls away, and I feel the zap of her wand, admonishing me.

Fuck! Where did that come from!

“Sorry” I whimper.

“You are a greedy girl, this is not about what you want, this is about what I want”

“Sorry” I repeat “I’ll try better”

“Good girl”

She continues her slow penetration… rimming and teasing me until my head is a swirl of colours

Ohhhhhhhh, Yesssssss…. the plug slides in… the sensation as it first enter always blows me away… almost pain, almost cum… fuck… I love it!

She has the remote and starts the rimming and buzzing.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I can’t help myself. My body rocks to the sensations…

She laughs! And ZAP! Fuck…

“Sorry”. And I try desperately to hold myself still for her pleasure.

I feel her fingers enter my cunt, and the rimming continues..

“I think you need more”

Fuck? More? What could be more!

Then I feel it…. she has a giant dildo… the size of Daddy’s cock….

It’s seems we both like to be filled by him!

She fills my cunt… sliding it slowly in… I feel the pressure against my buzzing Ass…. my eyes begin to roll… I moan with pleasure…. fuck me!

She begins to pull the cock out, then slowly slide it back…. all the way… it reaches to top of my passage, hitting my g-spot, and sending a gush of pleasure throughout my body and onto her hand.

“Yes!” She purrs…and does it again, this time with a bit more force…

FUCK… I jump and gush again.

Out she pulls and slams me again.

ARG!!! Gush

Again and again she pounds my cunt with the giant cock, my ass rimming and buzzing the walls of my cunt, my g-spot begging for more and more.

I’m lost…. my head is gone. My mind a blur… all I can feel is the cums driving me over and over the edge, again and again… each cum bigger than the last, I don’t want it to stop.

FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD! I yell! Over and over and over again …. I can’t stop the feeling sending me further and further beyond.

I’m lost.

She cradles me in her arms, slowly she unties my hands…. caressing my tits and gently kissing me….

My body is exhausted, I turn my head and slowly run my tongue around her nipples… as she continues to release me from my bonds.

“Did you have fun, kitten?” She asks as she unbuckles the cuffs.

“Mmmmmm” is all I can reply.

“Wanna go shopping again next week?” I ask…

She smiles…

“Oh, yes, please…. but I won’t be as gentle next time…..“

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