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The Secret

Glenn was obviously nervous as he sat back on the chair.

I wander over and gently rest my hand on his shoulder, grin, and lean in for a slow opening kiss.

My other hand reaches down and slipped across his thigh and continued down to lift his pant leg. He reached out and grabbed my hand “No, not yet”.

I giggle, I know what I will find. But I gently slid my hand back up, and continued to caress his thigh.

My hand cupped his face, our lips and tongue explore. Mmmmm, I love a new conquest. And this one is delicious. Muscles where there should be muscles and soft where there should be soft. Something is definitely not soft! I can see the bulge beginning to form.

I feel hands slide along my ass to my hips, and slowly reach along my waist to my tits. Mmmmm, the Lion always knows what to do to get my motor running.

My hands continuing to explore his chest and arms. Mmmmm…. his hands join the Lion, and four hands explore all aspects of my curves. Ah the pure pleasure of being between to hard men.

My hand slide down under his shirt, he is a willing victim, a slow grin crosses his face, and he lifts his arms and I unwrap my gift….. mmmm…. I can’t help myself, my hand want to explore.

Suddenly it seems I am also without a shirt.

Why is it front clasps are so hard for men? I think in frustration, as he fumbles….

I smile, and remove his hands, and slowly unclasp the restraints, and slowly, oh so slowly, pull the cups apart to reveal my wonderful nipples

The Gasp, the smile, the dive. Every time a new lover sees them for the first time, they have to dive in. Oh, I so love the attention they receive. He sucks and pulls, giving them each the attention they so crave. The lighting bolts of pleasure shoot through my body, straight to my pussy. Which purrs in return. My Back arches, I lean backwards to find my Lion waiting for me. Mmmmm, I dive in myself for a deep kiss.

I need to unwrap this present to discover my prize, my secret.

My hands reach down, arg! The Belt, I hate belts for more than just one reason! I fumble with the buckle but quickly release, the button and zipper quickly follow.

My turn to Gasp and smile and dive!

As the jeans slide to to floor, the Secret is revealed.

I had told him to get Nude, he had purchased a new pair.

The front is already glistening with his excitement.

His cock is trapped behind his hose. I cant help myself, I need to taste, even thru the nylons. Mmmm…. I lean over and lap the pre-cum that has oozed through.


OHHH! I’d forgotten the Lion!

“Greedy Girl!”

I giggle and look up at Glenn, and say: “Sorry Daddy”

His eyes meet mine, darken and dance with delight. His lips slowly smile.

Oh, I’m in for a long night!

I dive back down, my tongue exploring his cock through the nylons, my hands sliding along, my nails running along. His cock jumps with delight.


The Lion slowly slides my yoga’s down over my hips, to my knees. I stand and step out of them.

“Kneel back” the Lion commands “Glenn’s cock needs attention”

“Yes Daddy”. I giggle and quickly kneel back into position, I don’t need to be told twice.

My Head dips down, and I resume my attention. His cock seems to have grown since I was last here.

I can’t help myself, I reach up to the waist, and pull, revealing him, naked, alert and waiting.


My tongue dips, and takes its first taste without the filter. Mmmm… the salty goodness.

Ohhhhh…. the Lion’s finger dips itself, finding my clit. The stars begin to form. FUCK… a cock in my mouth, and a finger in my pussy? What more could a girl want?

My head begins to spin as I pull his member into my mouth. Slowly I suck. Pulling him deeper in. Deeper, deeper.

Daddy’s fingers also slip deeper and deeper. One deep inside my cunt, the other begins to rim the back.


My hips rock. I want more.

Both slid in, all holes filled…. I rock harder, driving one mans fingers in one direction, the other man’s cock in the other.

Back and forth, I ride, back and forth…..

The feelings build, I can feel the cliff coming closer and closer.

I suck and pull Glenn all the way back. I want to feel him hit the back of my throat as the first cum rolls over me.

“NO!” Says the Lion. Stopping quickly

FUCK. My head throws back, just as I was about to cum. My eyes flash with frustration.

Glenn laughs, and says “If looks could kill!’

I growl.

Purring is over.

I want!

I pull Glenn to his feet and drag him to the bed. I want!

Pushing him down, I climb above him

“Be Careful” the Lion laughingly warns “She can be very Dominant when she want something”

“I can see that” Glenn replies. I don’t think he minds. He knows he is here for my pleasure tonight.

“Get on that, and grind” instructs my Lion.

You don’t have to ask me twice!

I climb up and dive in. I want to taste him, I want to feel him. My hand explore his chest, while I grind my pleasure, sliding my dripping pussy across the silky smoothness of his Secret.

The Lion hands reach around and cup my breasts, his fingers find my nipples and tweak. Shooting pleasure. Why do I love the abuse so much?

I feel the wave coming closer, maybe I can have a cum without him noticing. I continue my ride, grinding and playing.

There are not secrets with the Lion.


“What do you have to do?”


“May I cum, Daddy?’ I plead.


His hands stop. Glenn stills.

DAMNNNNN… Glenn is learning from the master.

I whimper.

They both laugh.

My eyes Flash again! He will be punished for this!

I pull the nylons down! I want at that cock.

Once again, I dive down. Licking and lapping. Swirling and curling. Mmmmmm, I love a juicy cock in my mouth.

Familiar buzzing…. OH FUCK. Wanda…or is that YEAH? A little column A, a little column B

The Lion slips Wanda between my lips, and the pleasure begins to build again. I need to keep control.

“Take it all the way, baby”. The Lion instructs.

You don’t have to tell me twice, I plunge, taking his cock all the way down my throat. The familiar jump as my body convulses with the pleasure. My cunt contracts, leaks, as the buzzing increases. FUCK…..

I pull back, and feel his hand. Glenn grabs my head and pulls me in again, deep and hard.

I convulse again, pull back, he pulls me down again.

FUCK FUCK FUCK… the cum is just on the edge. I need to control this.

The Lion changes Wanda’s Rhythm again. Glenn pulls me in!

FUCK…. I can feel it cum!

My eyes begin to blur, the rolling wave of pleasure begin it roll.

The Buzzing stops, my head is pulled back.

Both of them in unison. “NO!”

The wave recedes

I roar and Growl! FUCK!!!!

I plunge down, if I cant Cum, I need to torture someone else…..

He grabs my pony tail again, a pulled me down, the cock reaching deep in my throat, I gag and pull back. He pulls me in again. Fuck… I’m suck a slut…. I love it… the saliva dribbles and bubbles around his cock, my eyes lift… YES! That look, fuck I could cum to that look. He is lost too!

“Fuck, that’s hot”. He murmurs.

The buzzing begins again…. I’m lost….

This is become all to familiar, the hands, the buzz, the cock, the waves of pleasure….

As quickly as it begins, they stop again. I can’t focus. I want to cum so badly.

“Do you want to wrap that up and take it for a ride?” The Lion asks. He knows me so well, he knows I need a ride.

THANK YOU! Fuck I do!

The Lion passes me the condom, I tear it open, and quickly wrap my treat.

I slowly slide his hard cock into my tight pussy. It almost cums with the delightful fullness.

I begin my ride. Rocking my hips and riding the wave. Up and down, back and forth…. mmmmm…. the Lion’s hands caress my tits, his fingers find their mark again, and pinch and pull… the gorgeous stinging pain shoots through my body and straight down.

My Cunt contract, Glenns eyes widen. He feels it too.

I feel the waves increase, I am so close.

“PLEASE CUM!” I scream.

“Yes, Baby, cum on his cock”

I slam down one more time, and explode with pleasure. I feel my pussy convulse and gush. Another cum rolls over my body, and feel the gush as my pussy squeezes him out!

Damn…. I hate that

“FUCK” he exclaims “ I felt that right down to my ass”

Ohhhhh, I guess I must have gushed a lot.

“Lie down” instructs my Lion

My mind a blur, I must obey.

“Feel how wet she is, Glenn”. The Lion, ever the Dom, instructs him to finger my swollen pussy.

“Mmmmmm….. Fuck, she is”

His fingers start to work…. I feel the waves rolling again.

My hands find the Lions hard cock… fuck…. he fills my hand… I love that cock. I pull and rub, and work him up. mmmm…. fuck… fingers in my cunt, and a cock in my hand.

My Eyes begins to roll again, Glenn has found THAT spot. The ringing begins in my ears….

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK… I can feel it cumming, bigger than before.

The Lion sensing what is about to happen warns Glenn

“She’s a squirter”

He begins to increase his rhythm, his fingers begin to pound.

FUCK, I scream, FUCK ME.


The pent up cums explode.

I can’t control the cums, they roll over and over, I can feel the Gush begin to Squirt. FUCK ME! I yell, as I spray!

‘OMG!” he exclaims “That was fucken Awesome! She got me right in the face”

Some Secrets are best experienced in person.

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