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My writing….

The Secret

Glenn was obviously nervous as he sat back on the chair. I wander over and gently rest my hand on his shoulder, grin, and lean in for a slow opening kiss. My other hand reaches down and slipped across his thigh and continued down to lift his pant leg. He reached out and grabbed my…

The fan

We had been teasing each other for weeks. The delightful banter was enticing and filled me with a desire to go further, find out if his tongue is as skilled in person as his words would lead me to believe. The Lion is out of town. This makes it easier. I reach out to the…

Girls day out.

It started with a simple offer…. The Lion’s girl friend had never had her pussy lasered… and well, I love a smooth kitty…. So, the day began to be planned. I invited her to come with me, I wanted to get a laser touch up, and we could make a girly day of it. Daddy…

The Tingle

By The Artist. A new friend, who I hope to see more of…. I dealt with that tingle… I waited for her in bed, stroking myself hard. She came in — ignored my cock — crawled over my cock — over my chest — shoved her pussy in my face. Letting go of myself, I…


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About Me

I say I’m an emerging nyphomaniac, but Hubby (The Lion) says I’m a full on, raging, insatiable nympho.

So there you go….

My journey probably started when I reach puberty, the moment I discovered “that” felt good, I was obsessed!

This is a collection of my current and past adventures; and maybe some fantasy mixed in.

Ready for the fun to begin….

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