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The Tingle

By The Artist. A new friend, who I hope to see more of….

I dealt with that tingle…

I waited for her in bed, stroking myself hard. She came in — ignored my cock — crawled over my cock — over my chest — shoved her pussy in my face. Letting go of myself, I reached around her legs that were embracing my head. The sweet must of her cunt kept me hard. I wrapped her thighs with my arms, burying my hands deep into her crotch, tickling the coast line of pubic hair — my fingers little waves predicting a change in the tide.

I pulled at her skin — stretched it — opened her pussy and exposed her clit — pulled it into my mouth. She was wet already and the damp had spread through the close-cropped hair — painting my cheeks as I pressed my face deeper and deeper into her. Her body pulled back — pushed forward — hips tilted towards my tongue — hips tilted away. She danced there for a while, caught in her own rhythm, until she grew out of breath. Then she moved.
My lips chased her as she slid off me — turned — positioned herself — my cock in front of her face. When she takes me into her mouth, she starts with closed lips. Even though I lay back quite passive in this, it feels as though I am entering her, and not her engulfing me. Her lips lock on me — greedy — jealous. They know their moment is short.

Slowly, her finger found my ass — circled it — threatened it. Her mouth let go of my cock long enough to spit on my asshole. She took me back between her lips as she slid her finger in.

The immediate sense of pressure built. There is always an urge to cum with the first caress deep inside me. I chose to fight it.

She decided her finger wasn’t enough — fumbled in the dark for a larger toy — lube. She was more precise positioning me on my knees — directing me with a fist full of my hair — controlling my head. It went in hard. I pulled away but she held me by my hair. She pushed it in deeper and deeper — thrust her hips against it. She wanted to fuck me. I wanted her to fuck me. All the while, she pulled my hair. All the while, I planned my move.

I waited for a moment, when her grip on my hair loosened. When it did, I broke free. “Move” — I told her. She moved.
With one hand, I slipped the dildo out of my ass. With the other, I flipped her over, using her hips as handles. I pulled her to the side of the bed — ass hanging over — asshole glistening at me. I returned the favor.

I have always been more generous with lube than she is. My cock slipped effortlessly into her ass. I held it there a minute, enjoying the warmth engulfing my cock. Then I pounded — deep — hard — as she had done. “Will you fill me?” — she asked. She reached between her legs — reached for her clit. “Will you fill my ass?” She repeated it as she approached orgasm.

When she came, I could feel it. Her ass pulsed on my cock. I was ready — finally answered her — “No.”

I pulled out, turned her on her back. With one hand stroking my cock — just how the evening started — I lifted her to sitting with the other. My cum landed on her breasts and belly.

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