More hurry, less speed

A repost from my old SFW blog, I was reminded of this yesterday as we went out to buy a new appliance. Long story, but the staff member who helped us was surprised with our patience. (And we had not waited long at all)

Honestly, in this “new normal” with lines and “physical distancing” and limiting number of people/employees. You have to be patient!

My grandmother had an expression, that my mother would constantly parrot to us as children. “More hurry, less speed”

I never understood it as a child….

I was alway in a hurry. To go. To grow up. To get there!

I understand it now.

I don’t want to go, I don’t want to grow up. And sometimes I would rather stay where i am, and appreciative what I have, it may be gone tomorrow.

The other day as I drove to work, I was making an effort to take my time, and be mindful of the journey (I’m a journey is the destination gal… hmmm, maybe tomorrow I’ll muse on that). As I drove, at the speed limit, cars were weaving around me, trying to go faster. But at each light, I would catch up with them, and off they would shoot as the light turn green, speeding to the next red. Only to wait again, impatiently, getting nowhere.

Why are we always in such a hurry?

When you hurry and speed through things, you make mistakes, you almost always have to go back and do something over. You leap to conclusions, you rush in, you speed by, and hurry on.

Speed read, you miss the colours of the text.

Drive fast, you miss the vinettes of life on the side of the road.

Rush a conversation, you miss the depth of understanding.

Eat too fast, you miss the experience of your taste buds.

Always going to the next thing, not enjoying and appreciating what you have now.

Breath too fast, you hyperventilate….

I have felt frantic and rushed for the past 6 month. A month ago, it crashed. I realized, I needed to slow down, and breath. Just breath.

In taking some time, to slow down and breath, I have actually accomplished more, it may not seem that way to some. But although I am not churning out with the same speed, what I am producing is better, more thought out and it has more sustenance and sustainability.

Take time.

Slow down.


In the end, you will accomplish more.

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