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Burning Rage

Last night we burnt the last remanent of my rage.

A year ago, I was not in a good place. My anger and hurt feeling bubbled up to all parts of my life. Threatening everything I held dear.

I stormed.

I screamed.

I cried.

I hit.

I fumed.

I brooded.

I spied.

I snooped.

I broke many things: pottery, furniture, trying to break him.

I nearly broke my marriage.

My release of my nympho side saved it all.

Who knew that sleeping with others would be the salve to heal my aching soul? I would finally find the way to forgiveness I so desperately sought last summer. It healed me, and sealed my connection to the Lion in ways that even I can’t describe.

The last piece of my rage was a smashed wooden chair, that sat at the back of the cottage, silently accusing me of being a vindictive, angry bitch.

Last night it burnt… along with the last splinters of the old me.

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