Why is it that the pursuit of strange is such a aphrodisiac?

I love the flirtatious beginnings of any “relationship”. The building feeling of desire and need. My heart always jumps a bit whenever I see I have a message from a new admirer.

Ohhhh, I think, here we go… and I climb into the rollercoaster car and start the ascent.

Some of the rides are amazing… the banter back and forth, the little hints at what you want, the titilating tidbits of borderline porn. Then maybe, if you are lucky, some lovely salacious descriptions of their desires.

Some, unfortunately end up being a merry go round. Really just going in circles, but never really providing much satisfaction.

But you don’t know when you first start do you?

My breath quicken.

My heart start to beat a little faster.

My nipples tingle.

There is that familiar pull down below. The moist beginnings of desire.


I think I need to go find some strange now…..

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