Hump Day

Yeah, its hump day… and I know what that means!

Right on time, my phone flashes up, “All Clear?” I quickly reply “yup!” And his truck drives up. Yum Yum, here comes my Biker Man. He arrives with his usual attire of a some black custom chop shop t-shirt, tattoos peeking out and converse, looking like a delicious box of chocolates for me to unwrap.

With a shit eating grin on his face, his eyes dancing he walks in the front door, closing it behind him and says “Hello Mistress”. I cant resist, I leap! Devouring any part of him I can get my mouth on. He’s growing his beard back, so it seems this may be a little rough today, good thing I like it rough. 😉

After tasting every part of his face and neck I look into his still dancing eyes, and sigh “hhiiiii”

Grabbing his T-shirt, I drag him up the stairs and down the hall, I cant wait to open this box of deliciousness. But first, I need another deep long kiss, I can almost taste the desire build up in him.

Mistress Tasha takes no prisoners, I quickly rip him shirt off, I can’t wait to explore his solid chest and arms. My hands and lips needing to touch every surface, explore, and see if i can find something I have not seen before or tasted before. His hand work their way down to caress my eager ass through my yoga’s, I know he is thinking about what he will get to do with that later….

He grins again, and says, “No belt, Mistress, I know you don’t like them”

“Good boy” I purr, and remove the offending shorts… commando…. his soldier standing at attention. I can’t resist. I lean in and take a little lick. Yup, just the right amount of salty deliciousness.

“Mistress is still dressed”. I state. He manages to look bashful and begins to work his hand under my shirt, slowing lifting it over my head. He pauses, just when my hand are caught in the air, and nuzzles cleavage, nibbling and kissing just enough to get me back to purring. Such a good boy.

This man loves to grin, and once again, the evil grin is back, I’m wearing his favourite bra, quickly its off, and he is sucking my nipples into his mouth, alternating side to side, I throw my head back and enjoy the sensuality of it all. I am so lost in the pleasure his nimble tongue and teeth, I hardly notice as my yoga’s hitting the floor.

Time to get this boy on the bed, my turn to grin, as I pull back, his mouth and body following eagerly. I get him in position, and gently push him on to the bed.

I growl with anticipation, and crawl up next to him, feline in my approach. There is that grin again, I can never resist it, it makes me want to eat it. I resist, starting with light feathery teasing kisses, gently nibbling and tasting with my tongue, and working to more fervent pace. His mouth responds to mine, again I can feel his passion building, time to break the seal.

Smiling a Cheshire cat grin myself, I back up on all fours down to survey my prize. The tip is glistening, and a bead of pre-cum slowly slides down the side. I pounce, starting at the base, I slowly draw the tip of my tongue along the gleaming trail. I twirl my tongue around the tip and clean up any remaining juice.

Working my way from top to bottom, wrapping my tongue around and all over, I slowly make sure his hard rod is ready for my throat, and slowly sliding it in bit by bit, until he moans with appreciation. Ah, that is the sound I have been waiting for, I know I have him under 100% my control.

Swallowing a few times, and working my way up and down, I can tell he’s lost. I slip my hand where my lips were, and move my way down, gently I lick his ball swirling once again, while slowing massaging just the tip of his pole with my palm. Exploring further south, I slide my tongue just between his cheeks and just ever so slightly rim. We have not talked about his ass yet, but I’m sure we will get there, at least that is what the moan of pleasure tells me.

My turn, I think, lifting my head, I glance up and see him looking back at me, with that amazing distant gaze of heady arousal. Straddling him, I move to give that crazy grin a kiss, but he slips away down and firmly pulls my hips in for a good licking.

His clever tongue works it’s magic, exploring and finding all the right places, my hands reach down and intwine in his hair, pulling him in closer and guiding his mouth to all the righter places. Soon my body is rocking all of its own, i can feel the tension starting to increase, and I grind harder, holding his head in place, taking my pleasure. He responds like the good boy that he is, sucking and licking harder. His hand slides from my ass, and in slips his fingers. I’m lost. My mouth opens but nothing escapes, my cry of delight is stopped as my breath is caught in my throat and I gush all over him.

Catching my breath, still on my hands and knees, he manages to slip out, and locates the toys and Lube I have carefully laid out for him. “Oh, my Mistress, he croons, you put out Bob, would you like to to play with Bob?”

Bob, (my battery operated boyfriend) is quickly covered in lube, and he get to work. Turing him on, he gently rubs the tip on my swollen nub, causing my body to shake with delicious anticipation. The tip slowly penetrates my slippery passage. Using his other hand, he generously covers the rest of my playground with lube, prrrrrrrr….. I know what is coming next.

With Bob pumping with a regular rhythm, his thumb begins its massage of the rim of my back door. Once again, my body moves without my permission, pressing back, inviting the digit in. Ahhhh, the divine ecstasy as it first violates the entrance. I love a good tradition fuck, but I am fast becoming a huge fan being fucked in the ass.

Bob’s pulse is increasing, and his thumb matching the rhythm , I cry out again with pleasure, the feeling of both my holes being used is mind blowing. The white noise begins to build and my breathing becomes more ragged and screams louder. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck… I cry, as he pounds harder and harder. I cum again with a crashing scream. My hair is glued to my face, and I’m dripping with sweat. FUCK that was amazing.

My Turn!

He returns to the bed, and push him back with force, “I want to eat your up” I growl, and process to gnaw, I bite his shoulders, using first my tongue, then my teeth, I grab onto his nipple and pull, he groans with pleasure, I work the other side and keep one traveling his body, biting and licking as I go…..I swallow that scrumptious cock, and chew the whole way down. His back arches with delirious feeling of pleasure. I bear teeth and run them along the shaft. I take his balls in my mouth and slide them out, dragging my teeth along the way again. A fabulous drawn out groan escapes.

His cock is hard and ready, time to jump on board and ride. I climb back up and slowly lower myself onto his waiting member. Slowly I let him in, just like he teased me with bob, I return the favour, slipping down ever so slowly. He grabs my hips, tries to pull me in faster, but I resist, drawing the torture out as long as I can.

Once I have him fully inside, i move my hips with in a slow circle, feeling the deliciousness of his cock filling me up. Changing my rhythm, I rock my hips, and feel him reaching all the way to my g-spot. This will be good.

After a just a few more pumps my already over stimulated cunt convulses with OMG cum, shooting his cock out from its tight confines.

I quickly unsheathe him and suck, cupping his balls I can feel he is right behind me, he grabs my hair and pumps, fucking my mouth in a desperate race to the finish. And there it is, shooting hot creamy jiz, right to the back of my throat. FUCK…

I lick up every last drop and nestle in beside him for a post cuddle.

“Thanks babe” he murmurs…”you are the best little cock sucker”

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