It’s been too long.

It seems to take much more work to get my head into the right space. So much stuff happening. So many distractions. Work. Pandemics. Family. Moving. Living in each other’s pockets day in, day out.

Daddy is waiting for me.

I need to clear my head. Be in this moment. Let everything else go.









Ok… I am ready…

Daddy waits in his chair. Waiting. My collar in hand. One last check in. Am I ok? Yes, Daddy. (I really need this) The ritual of the collar is important. As he buckles it up, the last of my worries leave. I am baby. He is Daddy.

“Daddy has changed his mind, go to the bedroom”. Flogger drapped over his shoulder.

Oh…. this is different. He’s changed the routine. A thrill of anticipation. Something new.

My heels click on the floor. Daddy’s past voice in my ear. “Slower, make it sexy”. I swing my hips just a bit as walk slowly to the bedroom. Wondering the whole way…

I don’t know what to do now. Daddy always leads the way, this time I am first. He usually give me instructions. Do I sit, do I stand and wait?

I wait. I dont want to be wrong.


I sit. I cross my legs, my heels making my feet look very sexy…

“Sit up like a lady”

“Yes Daddy”. I sit up, keeping my back as straight as I can. As I sit up, I can feel the butt plug more. Maybe this is why he wants me sitting up. The gentle pressure making my pussy drip, just a little bit.

“Very nice, baby, you know what daddy likes”

I smile inside. I like to hear that. I like to make Daddy happy.

Daddy stands next to me, his hard cock, pressing against my leg. His hand reaches down and glides slowly up my leg. “Mmmmm,” he hums… my pussy purrs in return… adding more heat and moisture to the already warm hole. The anticipation of his cock….

Daddy’s other hand slides up my back, and takes hold of my ponytail. He firmly pull, lifting my face to great him. His mouth greedily consumes mine.

Omg… I miss kissing so much… the desperate desire that it creates in me always send my mind into a blank space. I can feel the heat inside. Our tongues dance and play with each other.

“These shoes are very sexy… I think I might be developing a foot fetish….”

Fuck me…. my pussy jumps and I swear, I just wet the bed…

I’m so on the edge right now.. I don’t think I am going to be able hold it in until I have permission tonight.

Whhhoooshhh… WAP…

Damn… I forgot the flogger..

The sting is painful and delightful at the same time. The flogger continues its journey, kissing my body… taking any last thought of the outside world.

The sting of the tendrils. The caress of Daddy’s hand. The gentle softness playing against the strict pain. My mind slowly slides away. Lost.

“Take off your shoes, and kneel of the bed”

I lean over to take them off…

“No, I want to watch you take them off, foot up…slowly….”

He really is getting a foot fetish. This is new… fun… I have some lovely shoes we can play with.

“Now, Kneel on the bed” Daddy huskily commands.

I scramble into place.

“Elbows on the bed”

I lean in. Arch my back and make sure my ass is high in the air. Just as daddy likes it.

I wait.


Where has he gone?

“Did baby put her plug in, like I asked her”

“Of course” I reply, a little too quickly.

Oops… crap… not an approved phrase.


Ooowwww. Was that the crop? Damn, that stung

“What did you say? Was that an approved phrase?”

“No daddy, sorry daddy”. I murmur back.

“Baby has not been disciplined in too long it appears”

“Yes daddy”. I demurely respond… it has been too long my inner voice says…

The crop continues its work… snap snap snap… daddy’s hand gently caresses the sting away… pain, caress,pain, caress…

I lose track of everything, just focusing on the feelings…. suddenly there is a new sensation. Daddy’s hand has found the plug… he is playing with the plug at the same time as he works the crop.

Fuck… the feelings being to really build.

His fingers explore around the edges of my hole, as he works the plug in and out. My pussy clenches… the crop forgotten. My heart beat rushing in my ears. The sensation almost overwhelming.

“Are you going to write about this?” Daddy demands.

“Don’t you want all those boys to know what they are missing?”

“Yes daddy”

“Daddy want to read how this feels” he continues… fuck me… how can I describe what I am feeling right now? The tension, the pleasure, the crazy desire to feel him inside. The rimming continues… my ass wants, my pussy wants… my mouth wants… cock, cock, cock…my eyes roll back…

The plug continues its assault, reaching the inner pleasure places. Daddy slips his fingers into my waiting hot wet hole. FUCK!

My g-spot is assaulted from both sides. Daddy’s fingers doing their magic. The pleasure verges on pain. The feeling so intense, I want to yell “yellow”. But I don’t want it to stops…

I feel the cum building, incredibly fast.. I try hard to keep it at bay, but the fingered continue to rim, and pull on my throbbing passages… I try to beg for permission, the words won’t form… I crash into the cum… vibrating with pleasure and pain.

Daddy does not stop… the first wave is quickly followed by another… over the edge I go again. Again, and again…


Suddenly as it began, he stops.

Leaving me waiting… anticipating what might be next…

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