Friday Follies

Daddy greets me as I walk in the door with a cold drink. He is making dinner for Baby.

Daddy is a good daddy, he knows I am tired, I just drove home from the Training Center and hour and a half, after spending the week facilitating a pilot management training. He looks after his baby.

“You know you will be punished tonight” he says. “I know you have been naughty girl this week”

“Why do you say that?” I try to look innocent. “I’ve been a good girl all week” He knows I have been surrounded by young men in uniform all week. All that temptation for a cock slut like me. I did not tell him about flirting with the boys at the other night, but he know me so well.

“Don’t talk back to Daddy, you know you are a naughty slut, and you will be punished. And you also like it”

“Sorry Daddy, thank you Daddy” I demurely reply. And he is right, I do like it.

Dinner was, of course, delicious. Daddy is a good cook.

After-dinner cocktail is followed my instructions.

“Baby needs go to lay out the toys, and then go clean up for Daddy. French-braid your hair, one, in the back. Wear your black bra and panties, Daddy washed them this week while you were away.”

“Thank you Daddy”

“Yes, good girl, showing Daddy appreciation for being such a good daddy to his baby. But don’t interrupt Daddy, he was not finished.

Then put on your ankle and wrist cuffs, and bring your collar and leash to Daddy, and he will put them on.”

“Yes Daddy, Thank you, Daddy”

I like these rituals, they help me get into the right frame of mind. Moving from the busy, in control me, to Baby. I notice he does not say anything about my plug, which is usually part of the instructions, but bite my tongue, I want Daddy to put in the plug. I am sure I will be punished for that, but the Brat in me grins.

I braid my hair, slowly feeling my mind release the pressures of the week. I begin my preparations and my mind clears, my worries and frustrations gone. Closing my eyes in the shower I feel my muscles relax and my submissive mind take over. The weariness that I felt earlier slips from me, leaving behind the openness to what ever Daddy has planned.

I dress and put on the cuffs. I slip on my high heel shoes, close my eye, and slowly exhale …. work me is gone. Only Tasha remains.

I slowly walk out, collar and leash in hand, and present myself to Daddy. I slowly circle, waiting for his approval.

“Very nice Baby”. He praises me, I am happy.

“Come here and Daddy will put on your collar”. Again, this simple ritual allow my mind to finalize my submission to him for the evening. I am his to do with what he pleases, until the collar is off. I don’t have to think, just feel, and accept.

“Put on your blind fold”

I freeze for a second… the blind fold can be very disorienting. It brings with it a heightened sensation. Each crop snap, spank, and flog is felt more, and the sting stronger and sharper. The delightful after tingle extended.

I’m blinded and at his mercy.

“Step forward and kneel, get into position, ass in air, back arched”

Fuck… this is going to be intense. My skin is already buzzing with anticipation.

The first snap of the crop is always painful. My mind is not 100% there. But snap two is better.

Snap, snap, snap…

My mind enters the space… feeling the pleasure/pain as my ass begins to redden.

Daddy rubs my warm ass, and feels my wet panties… my pussy has already soaked them.

“Wait! Where is your plug?” Daddy angrily demands.

Oops… I think I may have made the wrong decision… or maybe the right decision….

“Now Daddy has to do your work for you!” As he leaves the room to fetch the plug and lube.

“Sorry Daddy”. I say out-loud. “Not sorry Daddy” I giggle in my head… the feeling of the plug entering my tight little hole is so much better when Daddy slides it in.

I can hear him come back…I can sense him behind me.

I tense with anticipation.

“Baby will be punished for making Daddy do her work”

“Kneel on the stool, and present your ass to Daddy”

He slides my panties down, just enough to expose my eager ass. My pussy jumps with excitement.

“What an eager pussy you have, your panties are soaked”. Shit! Can he read my mind?

His fingers explore lubricate my hole, I can’t wait to feel the invasion. It feels like its been forever since I’ve been used. He circles my rim, slowing applying pressure, the plug pressing slightly again the entrance. He knows I can’t contain myself, he wants me to press back, so he can admonish me. I try hard, but I feeling desperate, the more he rim, the more I can’t wait.

“Patience Baby, wait for Daddy”

Fuck, I want to feel my ass stretch as the plug enters. Fuck-me, I love my ass being invaded.

I try and try, but I can’t contain myself, I push back, and the plug slips in.

Daddy laughs, “your ass is hungry, it just swallowed it up”

“Thank you Daddy” I breath.

Why does a plug in my ass relax me so? Fuck, I don’t know, but I love the feeling of being so full.

Wait. Daddy fingers continue their exploration, playing with my clit, as he taps on the plug. Fuck the feeling is amazing. He slips one, no two? Fingers in and massages the sensitive flesh against the plug. FFFUUUCCCKKK. I practically cum with the sensation. I can feel the juices flow.

Fuck. I can feel more than the juices… Daddy cock is pressed against the entrance. Please please please, I plead in my head.

“Sush Baby, be patient. You have to wait for Daddy cock”

Shit… that was out loud?

I really want his thick hard cock to pound my pussy… fill me up and push me over.

I can feel the tip breech the entrance. Slipping just a bit into my tight hole, made tighter with the plug. FUCK, it feels soooo good. I can’t wait. I Want want want…..please DADDY…. my head screams. This time I’m sure it just inside my head.

He presses hard against me, his massive cock filling me up. I can never get enough of Daddy’s cock.

“What do you say, Baby?” He asks.

“Fuck! THANK. YOU. Daddy.” I scream. Each word pounded out of me with his thrusts. Fuck fuck fuck. The cum is just on the edge.

“No, Baby. You can’t cum yet, you have to wait”

Fuck… “please daddy”

“No, you have to wait to cum”. He keeps pounding away.

Fuck, fuck fuck, the feeling are building, rolling over me, again and again. I want so much to cum, but push it back.

Fuck fuck fuck

“Please” I plead, as he continues to pound, slamming into my g-spot.

“NO, you can’t cum yet”

Fuck, he so mean

Slam, slam,slam.

Fuck fuck fuck.

“PLEASE, PLEASE, CUM, CUM”. I can’t hold it back anymore, I can feel my cunt beginning it’s convulsing, I can’t hold it back much longer.

“Cum on Daddy’s cock, Baby.”

FUCK! I cum with such intensity I gush all over Daddy. My eyes explode with colour and Light, my legs can no longer hold me up, and I collapse panting and I try to catch my breath.

“Get up, and follow me”

I struggle to my feet , and placing a hand on Daddy’s shoulder, I follow him down the hall to our room.

“Kneel on the foot of the bed, and keep your legs together”

??? This is new….,

But fuck, I think I know what is coming.

Daddy’s cock is in me again, this time, the tightness is even more intense. I’m quickly back at the edge.

Smack, he slaps my ass as he slams his cock hard into soaking pussy. Smack, smack, smack.

I can’t stop myself, I crash over the edge, over and over, the cums riding one over the other. I gush, I squirt, I scream, I can’t stop, over and over, he slams, he slaps, I cum. I’m lost, in the swirling sensations. FFFUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!

I slowly come back to earth, and realize he is not longer fucking me, but instead, his face is buried, deep. His tongue is swirling my sensitive clit, sucking and flicking the swollen nub. Again, the feelings build, how can anything be left? But once again, I can feel the cum build.

“ no, no, no” I plead. I don’t know if I can do one more.

Instead in stopping, Daddy begging to play with the plug in my ass, matching the rhythm with his mouth. Omg. I can’t stop, my body twitches and rocks, my back arches more, trying to reach my ass higher and higher.

The screaming cum explodes! My eyes are blinded and I feel the plug stretch my ass one more time, as I spasm with giant O.

Daddy laughs again, “you popped that plug right out as you came!”

“Sorry Daddy” i whisper, I can barely form the words….

“No baby… it was awesome, but now you need Bea”

Fuck. More? I don’t know how much more I can take, my legs were tired from my weeks activities, before tonight. But, then again, I love the B-vibe in my ass, and my ass is nice and warmed up now.

I arch my back again, and I can feel B stretch my hole, she is bigger and longer than the princess plug. Reaching deep inside, he clicks the remote. Fuck! I jump and clench my muscles as she begins to vibrate. Then he clicks and again, and the rimming starts.

Fuck, fuck fuck. My ass is so sensitive, I can’t help but squirm with the sensations. Fuck I love the rimming.

Buzzzzzzz…… omg… not Wanda too?

He lightly touches The Majic wand to my clit, and I nearly cum. The feeling as so intense.

Buzzzzzz, he grabs my cunt, and holds me in place, slipping his finger inside, as the wand buzzes my clit, the the plug rims and vibes the back.

Holy shit!

I’m lost again, my eyes roll back, and I’m lost to the spinning sensations. My body moves with the sensation, I can’t control myself. I can hear animal like noises, and realize it me. I groan, I pant, I scream and scream, pressing my mouth the mattress, I cum again and again, screaming a primal noise.

“Stop, stop stop….” I plead, I can’t take any more.

Daddy mercifully stops the b-vibe, and removes turns off the wand.

I collapse a pile of jello once again on the bed.

“Do you need a break, Baby?” Daddy gently asks.

Crap. When Daddy says break, he really means, it’s not time for a break. I hate the word “break”

“Please daddy, yes, I need a break”

“Ok baby, but first you need to clean up daddy’s cock”

I don’t know I can, every muscle in my body is not responding. I feel a tug at my leash, and struggle to my knees, he pulls me up the bed, and I can feel his hand on my head pushing my head into position, I open my mouth, and stick out my tongue.

Yum…. pussy juice covered cock. My favourite dessert!

I seem to have found my second wind… or is that third.

I swirl my tongue around the tip, and taste my cunt juice mixes with the dribbles of pre-cum leaking from his rod. Omg. My fav.

I open my throat, and slide him all the way in, until I can feel him firmly against the back, and swallow. I can feel his cock jump in my mouth. Mmmmmmm I hum. Giving him a lovely buzz, payback for the wand… not the same, but it’s the least I can do.

I swallow again, almost gagging on his huge cock. Swirling my tongue again, around him, I pull back, back to the tip.

Mmmmm, I suck just the tip, licking the cum-hole and dipping tongue in to get all the juice.

Suck, lick, suck, lick. I repeat, until I can hear his quiet moan. Yes.

Time to go further south. I glide my tongue the length of his member, to the base and circle my tongue around his sack. Fuck, I love his balls as much as his cock. Sucking them into my mouth, I grab his turgid cock in my hand, and slowly begin to pull.

His hand reaches down, and slips inside my wet folds. His finger find their mark, and glide in to my very used pussy.

Fuck. I can’t help myself, I sit up and begin to ride his hand. Keeping a firm grip on his cock, I continue to stroke, matching the rhythm of my hand to the rhythm of my hips grinding.

Another cum threatens to crash over me. I throw my head back and cry out, keeping the cum at bay. I want to keep this gorgeous feeling longer. I can feel my cunt start to pulse, as another gush begins to build. Yes…. keep the rhythm, please daddy don’t move your hand, I plead in my head, I can feel the gush building, this will be intense.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, here it comes….

“FUUCCKK!” I scream and gush intensely. I can feel my pussy gushing over and over. I can’t believe I had anything left.

“Ok baby, you can have drink now”

Fuck, yeah, I need to hydrate.

“Thank you Daddy”. I collapse, and reach for my glass, and thirstily drink the water down.

The rest of the night is a blur, the crop, the flogger, his belt. Clothes pegs on nipples, and zapper wet pussy. I fall so far into sub space the details are gone, only the feelings. I wake the next morning, collar and leash still on, every muscle aching, my nipples and ass screaming. The feeling of being well used.

And a smile on my face.

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