Peter’s Playmates

Walking into the hotel, we were not sure what to expect, but were pretty sure we were open to what ever the evening presented.

We had met Peter on Swingers Heaven, and he told us about his friends, and had invited us to join them for the evening to meet and maybe more.

The three of them were all sitting together, sharing a bottle of wine.

Peter was at the head of the table, looking as delicious as I remembered. A quiet confidence surrounded him like a warm cocoon. Sitting to his right was Barbie.

She was tiny, petit, somewhat angular, but she did have lovely tits… I could not read her face. But French women can be like that.. resting bitch face! Still waters run deep.

Gary on the other hand is an open book. His face a clear map of his desires. He wants me, that is very clear.

Chit, chat… chit, chat, just five people sharing drinks and food. Stories about life, weddings, trips and kids. Anyone who may have passed by our table would never have known this was foreplay.

Finally Peter said “well, shall we?” And off we all headed to the elevator.

As we enter Peter’s room the mood shifts.. I can feel the mood become more predictor like. The men want to taste new meat…

This moment is always a bit awkward, where to begin? I too want to taste and explore the new, but it’s not my place to start anything. I slip off my shoes and wait as Gary and the Lion unpack their coolers and outline the snacks and drinks available.

Barbie heads to the bathroom to “get ready”. Personally, I never need to get ready… I’m always ready!

Peter ever the maestro, offers a suggestion”: “Tasha, why don’t you kiss Gary?”

Ohhhhh! What a lovely idea… I do want to to taste this new friend….

Mmmmm…. every mouth is different, every set of lips a new sensation. Gary is hesitant at first, gently tasting and exploring. I get the feeling he is not the dom in this relationship.

I suddenly feel a presence behind me…. I turn my head slightly, breaking the connection with Gary. There is Peter, waiting his turn. I see the Lion out of the corner of my eye, smiling his naughty smile, he’s enjoying the view. He enjoys watching me play. I return his smile, and reach over with one hand and pull Peter in for a deep kiss. He too is gentle, to start, but he clearly likes to lead.

Gary’s hands never left my waist, and he pulls me back. I giggle, and return to our exploration of each other’s lips and mouth. I quickly get lost the simple oral pleasures.

I can feel hands now. Peter has started rubbing my back. Why is a simple back rub so erotic? Gary’s hands explore the front. Once again, I break away from him to lend some attention to my other admirer. Back a forth I swivel, one set of lips then the other. I reach behind and pull Peter closer, his cock pressed against my ass. My other hand bring in Gary. His body pressing from the other side. I’m sandwiched between a rock and a hard place! I like it.

Barbie has returned, and the Lion and her are also engaging in oral exploration. I pause, and watch the show. She’s such a tiny thing, delicate looking almost, his hands explore her curves. Again, amazed to find how turned on I get watching my spouse make out with someone else.

Gary’s mouth has dropped a bit south, and he’s nibbling and exploring my neck. He very good at finding all the right spots. I can feel my body responding. The buzz in my head and belly turn up a notch. His tongue finds my ear lobe. Zing! He found my magic spot. My knees nearly buckle under me with the sheer pleasure of it all.

“Mmmmm… “ he hums, he know he’s found it. No so gentle anymore, he nips and bites. I’m such a pain slut, the electric pain shoots though my body.

That’s it, my knees lose their strength, and I throw my head back and and cry out “ahhhh”. My brain shoots to fuck space. My eyes lose focus.

Good thing I have two sets of hands holding me up!

“Oh,” he says to Peter “she will be fun”

“Agreed”. Peter’s eyes are a murky pool of lust, I turn my head and plunge in. My lips and tongue desperate to explore his delicious mouth.

Hands have now slipped under my skirt, caressing and kneading my ass…my hips respond, my body undulates with the sensations.

Clothing starts to fall to the floor, I don’t know who is undressing who, the Lion and Barbie have joined us. Five bodies, ten hands, all exploring, unzipping, buttons stumbled over. Mouths exploring.

I feel a finger slip inside my dripping folds, my one hand has found an unfamiliar cock, it’s pre-cum creating the perfect glistening glide, my other hand cups a breast, and plays with her nipple, while someone’s tongue returns the favour on mine.

I’m lost in the tangle of bodies and feelings. Falling in my head and in reality. We all pile onto the one bed, a bearded face buries itself in my pussy, a cock finds its way in my mouth. A mouth suckles my tit. My hands explore any flesh that comes close. Chest, ass, cunt, cock.

I feel my first cum begin to build, the colours swirl inside my head, my pussy begins to clench, the tongue is replaced by invading fingers. Reaching and thrusting. The cock in my mouth matches the rhythm .

I gasp and throw my head back. And yell, “DADDY PLEASE!”

There is a silence that follows, a tiny pause in the play. He laughs and gives his consent. “Yes, Baby cum”

Fuck… I forgot where I was for a moment. But I don’t care. I sux the cock back into my mouth, the fingers continue their mind blowing rhythm.

The colours come together in a blinding explosion. I crash over the edge. Screaming on my descent.

“Fuck” I hear from one of the men, “she does not hold anything back”

My eyes slowly open, I look over at Barbie she looks back and slowly grins. Her tongue resumes its flicking and swirling around my nipple, sending jolts of pleasure shooting though out my body.

Gary and Peter switch places. I reach down and pull Barbie up, I want to taste her sweet lips. Mmmm, just like I imagined, women’s lips are so much sweeter and softer then men. A delicious honey flavour.

The Lion has found his favourite place, her ass is in the air and his face is buried in her sweet folds. He loves to give a good tongue lashing.

Gary has joined his wife and I, and we all alternate kissing and caressing. Hands playing with anything within reach.

Peter has found my other sweet spot. Alternating between my swollen clit and my sensitive G-spot. He is quickly bringing me back into fuck space and the colours are starting to build again. His tongue swirls and he sucks my clit in between his lips, the pleasure peaks sends a cry from my lips. I can feel him smile, he does it again. Fuck me!

My hips buck in response… someone needs to fuck someone!!!

Gary must have read my mind, he murmurs to Barbie “you want the Lion’s big cock in your pussy? Don’t you?”

Her eyes widen and I can tell, I know that look, she wants, no needs, that cock buried inside.

“My wife want you to fuck her, Lion”

He does not need a second invitation, cock ready, he lines up and starts his entry.

I know from experience, that huge cock takes some time to fill a tight hole. Her eyes widen as the tip of his manhood breaches the entrance. I can’t stop watching her face, her eyes so expressive.

Soon her eyes roll back, I know his almost all the way in, he begin his assault, slowing pulling back, and slamming back in. Fuck.

The pace increases.

Her mouth drops open, her eye are closed, I need to taste her again, and he pounds from behind. My lips find hers, and I can feel the power of each thrust. She moans in my mouth with each assault.

Her head drops and her mouth devours my nipples. My head falls back, back to Gary’s waiting cock.

The sounds of fucking fill my ears.

I can feel another cum building. I can hear Barbie and the Lion building to their finish, the cock in my mouth is pulsing, I can tell he’s close to exploding himself.

I close my eyes, and lose myself in the sensations, as his cock thrust down my throat, Barbie clamps onto my nibble, pulling with her teeth as she cums, sending that shooting pain and pleasure a down to my cunt.

Peter must feel the cum building, his fingers increase their pace, he suxs hard on my clit, his fingers curling up to my g-spot, causing me to buck and writhe with delight.

FUCK! I scream in my head.

Gary, cums with a cry, his cream shooting down my throat.

And over I go. Fuck, fuck fuck…

The bodies all collapse is a exquisite pile, smelling of cunts, cocks and cum. Hands slowly caressing and continuing their explorations of each other as we all come down.

“I need a little break” I murmur. The Lion raises his eyebrow at me. I can’t help myself, I burst out laughing.

“Yeah, you are right” I giggle “I’m a slut, I never get a break”

And I did not, for hours!

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