On Bad Habits

(Re-post from old SFW blog, but totally where my head is this week!)

What is it with bad habits?

So easy to pick up. So hard to break.

This week I am working on fixing some bad habits, I won’t bore you with the details, but, lets just say, the usual.

Some of these habits I have had for years, and some, are very new, but they have all become “part of me”.

Some are old habits, ones I thought I had kicked years ago, but without vigilance, they creeped back into my life.

It’s a lot of work to break bad habits.

Mental work. Constantly re-directing thoughts. Because then first step in each bad habit is the thought. The idea. “Hmmmm, I think I will….”, “I think I want…..”. “How bad would it be if I…?” The answer each time is “NO”. Or, “VERY BAD”.

It’s hard to keep telling yourself no. And changing the conversations. Talking to the inner you is like talking to a toddler. It keeps circling back. ( any of you with toddlers know what I mean) trying to convince you, its ok, just this one time. Or pretending they agree, but circling back until you don’t notice you just did that thing you did not want to do. You need to be constantly watching a toddler , you need to be constantly watching your bad habits, don’t let your guard down. They are sneaky!

I will admit the toddler in my head won at least once this week. It all started with curiosity, (how like a toddler). And what seemed like just an innocent idea. “I wonder what will happen if i do this…. that’s not really that bad…. ”. Yeah, well, taking one step towards a bad habit doomed. The first step leads to the next, and then, next thing you know, you are doing that thing you did you want not do, that you said you will not ever do again. And once you do it once, the next time is easier, in fact, you are planning when you can do it again, convincing yourself it was ok….. and then you realize, you are hooked again, thinking those bad, self destructive thoughts.

Surprisingly Positive thoughts aren’t not easy. Personally, I have somewhere along the way convinced myself i am not “worthy”. That I am flawed and doomed to failure. This in itself is a bad habit. This is probably the first habit I need to break, before the others will fall in to place.

A few years ago we watched a movie, I am sure you probably saw it too. There was a affirmation in it, and maybe I need to remind myself of this everyday. Again… I used to….but fell into bad habits….

You is kind, you is smart, you is important.

What better set of rules for yourself to remind yourself that the bad habits, are just that, bad?

You is kind: jealous or suspicious behaviours, mean words, negativity, holding on to anger, they are not kind, you are better than that.

You is smart: self deprication, social media addictions, mindless gaming, they do not help your brain, you can find better ways to stimulate your brain.

You is important: the food you eat, your physical health, your relationships with family and friends, your longevity and presence is valued by others.

The key to success, as one if my favourite philosopher says, starts with your thoughts.

What bad habits do you have? How do you work to overcome them?

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