All tied up….

I’m on the bed, blindfolded, unable to move.


Be careful what you wish for. I think to myself… I did ask for this.

My body is vibrating. Humming really. Every nerve ending is on high alert. I can’t help myself, I squirm and undulate to the rhythm within my body.

I wait. Practically holding my breath.

He’s left the room.

Where did he go? My ears strain to listen. His leaving the room has only increased the buzzing in my head.

My body jumps and squirms more. Anticipating the delicious torture to come.

He’s back….

His hand gently touches the inside of my ankle. I twitch at the gentle touch, my pussy clenches in expectation.

His fingers slide up.

I can’t help it my hips strain forward desperately reaching for him.

Of course he stops. Damn!

“Greedy girl”

Fuck! He knows I’m a Cum slut!! I want I want, I want! Please don’t stop!

I whine.

Snap! The crop!

Oh the exquisite pain! My pussy pulses with pleasure.

Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Back and forth, thigh to thighs.

I can’t stop it, I moan with lust.

He keeps snapping the crop, closer and closer to ground zero, my neck arches, my shoulders lift… my hips lift, I want it so bad….

Again, he stops… the torture.

My breathing matches the pounding of my heart beat in my ears. I’m panting with naked want. My body undulated again, I want it so bad… please please please hit me again….

The crop now slides along my thigh… closer and closer, again I whine… fuck I want to feel it.

He places the tip on my exposed clit… gently rubbing just a bit. Circles. Fuck fuck fuck…. the sound in my ears is deafening…. my hip rise again, desperate for more.


Oh. My. God!

“Ah!” Is all I can utter. The pain. The pleasure. All rolled into one.

Do it again, my inner voice pleads… please please please do it again!



Suddenly I can hear the buzzing…. my cunt practically explodes with anticipation…

He lightly touches the vibrator. Teasing. A little touch… and then it’s gone. Damn he’s good…

Again and again, each time leaving the vib a bit longer.

My hips have a mind of their own, they lift and chase the buzz, desperate each time for its return.

To the Edge. Back away. To the Edge. Off.

Fuck fuck fuck… I want to come, I groan, moan and plead.

“Cum, cum, cum” is all I can manage… barely forming the word, I desperately want to fall over the edge…

He stops again. Fuck! I want him bad….

Where has he gone? What is coming next?

The flogger spinning…. I can feel the wind. My body tenses waiting for the tendrils’ bite. I don’t know where they will land… the anticipation is almost too much… I’m holding my breath….


The tickling, stinging sensation begins…. the inside of my thighs… my belly, my tits…

Oh! Oh! Oh! Is all my mind can put together…

Behind the mask, I close my eyes and lose myself to the sensations. Why do I find the flogger so relaxing? The stinging should hurt, instead it smooths the edges… the stinging spreading all over, and prickly massage.

Lightly, harder, over, under.

Again, I withe and squirm, my hips rising and falling, my neck strains as my head rolls back.

My pussy is desperate. Finally the flogger finds it mark.

“Aahhh!” Is all I can muster… fuck it’s good… and terrible at the same time.

The pain disappears as soon as it arrived, leaving the flood of ecstasy.

Back to the body massage. Fuck… I don’t know how much more I can stand… I need, need, need a cum!

Again, he hits the mark! Again I jump and scream with agony and delight.

The swirling tendrils return to their whole body torture, coving my body with warmth and pain.

The edge now spreads, my whole body a feels like a giant cum, nerves begin to shimmer…

Again, I start to writhe, and pull on my restraints… fuck, I thought my nerves were alive before, now every nerve is sparkling, sparking

Again, he’s back at my pussy, this time his fingers explore… one, two,three? I don’t know, I don’t care.

My hips rise to each thrust.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…. is all I can think.

His fingers curl and reaching my g-spot, he coaxes and pulls.

Fuck… I can feel it building and building… the wet cum…

I can’t stop….

“Cum, cum,cum”. I plead again… desperately hoping he does not stop again… my mind is full of colours and explosions… my body is lifting itself fr the bed, straining and pulling each restraint to its max…

I NEED to cum! Please!

“Cum, cum, cum”. I continue… whining… pleading… desperately…

I can’t stop, I gush and squirt exploding over and over all over him.

He keeps going…

Omg… I can’t stop.

Again. And again. The rolling explosion.

I gush and gush again…. I can’t breath, can’t see, can’t think.

My body rolls and rides the wave after wave, one after each other… Rolling, thrusting and matching every crest.

I scream, I groan, I scream again.


He is not stopping…

I don’t know if I can keep going…

It’s rolls again, and again.

My screams fade, they now are just a primal moan,

I can’t breath.

I can’t stop.

Please stop.

Please don’t stop.

I want it to stop,

I don’t want it to stop.

The colours are intense, they fill my head, my body, my being, The world starts to spin….

I slowly open my eyes…. the mask is gone… a slow languid smile fills my face as I find him looking down at me.

“Mmmmmmm” is all I can muster…

His eyes darken, as he reaches up to release me from my bonds. His turgid cock, brushes past my swollen clit…

Oh goodie! I think I know what next… my mouth begins to water, my body wakes up.

Baby gets dessert!

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