Why Blog?

(Re-post from an old SFW blog)

I know a lot of people don’t understand why people blog. It seems so ego filled. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself.

In grade eight, I discovered the written word. It took me so many wonderful places. I consumed every book  of fiction in the school library. My mind was opened to the power and imagery of the written word.

Reading leads to writing.

I had a teacher that year who inspired me to write. I wrote a “novel” that year. If you asked me in grade eight what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would have said a writer, a novelist.

Those who know me, will find this amusing. I can’t spell my way out of a paper bag, nor do I do understand the rules of grammar, at all. I am a mathematician.

But, that said, since grade eight I have been a prolific writer.

To myself.

I have a bankers box full of journals.

I switched to electronic journaling several years ago. It takes less space. And honestly, it more private. Secret.

Journaling can become a bit self whining. Whinging.

Journaling is raw. Bare emotions laid on paper. (Or iPad)

Journaling is a conversation with yourself.

Blogging is harder than journaling.

I blog for the same reason that I journal. To get the voices in my head to shut up. Yes, that sounds a bit crazy, but we all have those voices.

I often have a thought that sits in my head, I mull it around and obsess about it. Writing about it takes it out of my head. Journaling is just a brain dump. Blogging requires more analysis. More thought. You are aware that others will read it. Judging.

I started blogging shortly after my first marriage fell apart. I had read a novel written by a dear childhood friend. The featherbed. http://johnmiller.ca/ It spoke to me about the fallacy of journaling. Pretending it was private, and that someone was not going to read it, but knowing that they were.

So, I decided to try to become that writer I always thought I could be. To open myself up publicly. I had been holding my secrets thoughts and needed to find a way to share them, openly. Again, those who know me, know I don’t share. I am an introvert.

So why do I blog?

Am I looking for comments? Validation?


But, that is no more egotistical than the novelist, or the journalist. I  love that my thoughts make you think.

Am I looking to inform? To educate?


But not in the traditional sense. I’m offering insight into me, and how I tick.

I am sharing my secrets. Publicly.

I blog for therapy. I blog to vent. I blog to start the conversation.

Maybe someday I’ll write that novel. A book.

But for now, I offer my musings….

7 Replies to “Why Blog?”

  1. My spelling is atrocious (yay for spell checker). If it were not for the comma, I’d have the gramma thing figured out. I don’t know why I blog, or write for that matter. If it is an ego trip, so what? It’s my ego and I can do with it as I wish.

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    1. If we were novelist, we would have editors… they would fix that, grammar and commas are for them… blogging is for the immediate…spontaneous and now.

      Agree… it is your ego! And it is good..
      (Watch… I have a thought on the ego… coming later this week…)

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  2. I used to blog to share my stories and the voices in my head. Now I blog not only fictional sex, but also actual sex. A living journal of my life journey so I can see how far I’ve come (pun intended). I too am a mathematician, having nearly failed English in high school. Now I can’t get enough of grammar, reading and writing. Who knew?


    1. Kindred math spirit. Really everything I have posted is real life story… maybe a bit of creative licence here and there…
      I am going to work on some fiction soon… but have so many real stories to tell first!

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