Take two

I close my eyes.


I am afraid.

I need to move past the fear and anxiety.

Last time did not go well.

I had been a bundle of emotions. Each one a fragile piece of glass, floating near the surface ready to break through.

The first impact was painful, not like usual, I could feel my emotions shifting, I thought, no, hoped in the right directions, but by the fourth, I knew it was not right.

My emotions flew across the floor, shattering and leaving a million shards.

I collapsed into a broken pile of heaving sobs.

Daddy tried to comfort me and make me feel better, but the jagged edges of my shattered emotions continued their relentless cutting.

I was a mess.

Over the next weeks we tried to find each little piece and pick them up, and glue them back together. I’m worried we missed some.

Tonight we try again.

I open my eyes.


I braid my hair, and collect my head.

My emotions are still raw, but I feel they are not as fragile.

I am sure he is just as afraid. Afraid he will hurt me.


He would never have even thought of hitting a woman before he met me.

and yet…he’s seem to have taken to it. Smile.


I am ready.

I hope.

“Kneel on the couch”

I close my eyes again, as I get into position.


I clear my head.

Think only of the crop.

I feel it… gently, brush my ass…



Ohhhhhhh….. yes…….

the feelings surround me at once.

The swirling….

again please… I whisper to myself



Yes…. I can feel myself becoming lost…

The shards are gone, only the pleasure….

He gently brushes the crop over the marks he has left on my ass.

Again, I plead, in my head.

“Thank you, Daddy”. I breath, meaning each word.

Snap, snap!

I feel the crop slip between my thighs and slowly slide up, over my mound, past my pussy, and back to my ass.

Fuck! I’m sure my panties must be soaked. I can’t believe how fast I’ve moved to swirling…. my head is spinning, my ass is stinging, my cunt is aching….the emotions this time swirl around, surrounding me in colours and softness.

I can feel every muscle relax, I lean back for more.


His hand! Oh, I love his hands…. they gently caress my reddening bum.

His finger bush past my aching pussy, I can’t help myself, I arch my back and press back.


“Greedy girl”

“Sorry, Daddy” I reluctantly respond.

Smack, smack.

Fuck! I’m lost!

My head is now an explosion of white and colour. I can’t feel a thing, and I can feel everything at the same time.

The crop, his hand, the flogger… it all starts to meld…

I want to stay here forever.

I float away…

OMG! I’m suddenly jerked back, Wanda, the magic wand is pressed against my needy cunt!

FUCK! I’m going to cum!

“Can I cum?” I plead

“Not yet, you greedy girl” and the wand is gone.

Damn… my pussy is desperate to have to back….


Fuck! I may still cum!

I’m so close, I can feel myself desperately hanging on… please let me cum!



Snap, snap.

Fuck fuck!




“Yes, Baby cum for me”

I explode! I can’t believe how intense! My hips grind against the vibrator, I want the feeling to last and last.

The white explodes again and again!

“Take off your panties”

Omg… I’m still wearing my panties…

I can barely move… but off they come.

“Lean over, and show my your ass”


His fingers part my soaking lips…omg! They find the spot…. double omg!

I don’t know what he is doing, but I hope he never stops…



Please, again…


Suddenly his hands are on my hips. I can feel him pulling me back…

Ahhhhhh….. his hard cock is pressed against my aching pussy.

Fuck me please….

he just hold me there, my cunt aches to feel him inside, I know he does this to torture me.

Fuck, it working…. I want, I want, I want!

My hips rock, my back arches more.


I have to remember, I’m the sub, he’s the Dom. I have to wait. For him to lead.

He starts to slowly pull my hips, back and forth, pressing his swollen cock again my desperate pussy. I moan with each pulse… again, again, again… I can feel him getting harder with each pull.

I started to match his rhythm. Desperate to feel him press again me.

“Stop, Baby, Daddy drives”

I smile… and try to relax… daddy drives…

Close my eyes, and breath.

Lose myself again the feelings… moaning and whimpering with each thrust.

I hope he drives into me soon… I can’t take the torture much longer.

His finger replace his cock, and they dip into my dripping hole…. fuck… my cunt can’t help itself, I clench and gasp with pleasure.

Omg… I can feel his tongue, his beard, as he licks and teasing my swollen clit.


The swirling begins again. My eyes roll back, I cry out, and let myself cum and I feel myself squirt all over his face.

My legs are jello…

My cunt is quivering…

Suddenly I can feel his cock making its entrance.

Fuck, fuck fuck…. I have not been fucked in too long. The feeling is indescribable! Finger and tongues are amazing , but give me Daddy’s cock, any-day!

The feeling of fullness completes me. The swirls turn technicolor… I feel myself being pulled into the delicious vacuum of “fuck-space”

Each thrust he plows further and further into my cunt. Hits all the right places. His cock filling completely.

My cunt pulses, and vibrates as little cums roll over me again and again.

I cry, I moan, I grunt, I scream.

Suddenly… a strange thought slips past, and I realize, this is my husband, not just a lover…. and a new type of wave crashes intensely over my whole body… the cum completely different, strangely intense and warm.

The feeling leaves as quickly as it came, but leaves me weak, unable to stand anymore…

I collapse, again a quivering moaning mess….but this time feeling intensely complete.

Second time’s a charm…

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