Afternoon delights

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.

My hands are shaking as I drive to the bar.

Am I excited or scared?

I think a little of both.

It’s one thing to open an account.

It’s another to actually chat and flirt online.

But this is the next step… actually meeting someone with the sole intention of fucking.

I don’t even know his name, only his online name Souls Escape.

How appropriate. My soul needs an escape. I feel like I’ve been trapped for the last 6 months.

OMG! In my rush to leave my office, I forgot my purse! How not cool. I have no time to go back. Guess I’ll have to find a spot on the street.

My heart is racing. I’m so nervous. I have not gone on a date since I met The Lion. And that seems like a lifetime ago.

I guess it was.

I have no idea what he looks like exactly. I’ve only seen blurry pics. He’s young, has a beard, and he’s shorter than me. Not that that is saying much, for some reason there are not a lot of guys out there over 6 feet.

Deep breath.

You can do tbis.

You want to do this!

God, I seriously do want to do this!

Time to get out the car and go.

You are sexy, you are desired, this man want to fuck you!

Wow… I am woman… hear me roar!

Head up…

and go.

I glance in the door of the bar, he is a young restauranteur, I’m sure he has picked someplace trending and hip.


Four hipster at the bar, not surprising really, this is the Glebe.

No single guys.

Maybe he meant upstairs.

Nope… not a soul up here… not even my escape.

Omg… what if I’ve been stood up?

Fuck… that would really suck.

I think I’ll go wander the mall… calm down. Collect myself. Send him a message.

“I’ve had a parking challenge, I’ll be there soon”

Whew… he is coming…

I did not realize how much I want this to happen until this second.

Count to a hundred, and head back.

Fuck, first dates are hard… I remember why I stopped dating now.


Here we go!

I walk through the front door, and there he is. First table, big ass grin.

Fuck me, please! He is delicious looking.

I do not have a single second thought. I could literally jump that right here.


“Hi, back”

I grin

He grins back.

His eye sparkle.

“You have beautiful eyes”


He leans in “I definitely want to fuck you”


“Here?” I coquettishly reply, my inner goddess is feeling a quite naughty

“Don’t tempt me”

The rest of the conversation is just words… the subtext though is extremely clear.

We want each other… desperately, and now!

We laugh, We flirt more. We talk about nothing and everything.

“Can I walk you to you car?”

Fuck yeah….

Too bad I parked really close.

Suddenly he stops.


I turn towards him, and he leans in for a kiss….

OMG… I have not been kissed by anyone but the Lion for years… and then…

This is so different, so exhilarating.

His hand reaches around and slips on to my ass… his fingers reach to hem of my mini skirt, and bush just so gently over skin. Caressing the bottom of my bum.

Hot, hot, hot….

god… I wish I was not standing on Fourth street.

“Yum” I say when we finally break apart.

We continue to walk… right past my car.

I don’t want this to end.

His hand keeps slipping under my skirt.

Shit, I forgot that mini skirts are so short.

Here is his car.


I had not thought this far ahead.

My 80’s brain kicks in… suddenly… thinking of everything my mother told me.

Don’t get into a strangers car.

This man is a stranger.

But I want to fuck this stranger.


Fuck it.

Get in.

Sitting in his car.

He reaches over. Resumes that devastating kiss.

I’ve forgotten how much I like to kiss.

My hand reaches out…. I want to feel him…

His hand reaches out slips again under my skirt, and his fingers find there way under my panties.

Fuck… I am so wet right now, his fingers find the spot right away.

I can’t help myself, I moan.

He growls back.

Fuck… this is hot.

Reminds me of what I wanted to do so long ago with the Twin, that fateful night, that changed my life forever.

We are sitting parked, on the street, in the Glebe!

A couple is walking their dog.

We break the kiss and just sit there, his hand and fingers still in my panties.

I’m trying hard not to squirm or close my eyes. I have to look natural.

Fuck…. I feel like I’m going to cum, I can’t believe how turned on I am.

“Fuck, I do want to fuck you”


“I know a hotel that we can go to”

Double fuck, this is a turning point. There is no going back if I do this. It will cross the line. Fuck it, he crossed that line first… a long time ago. This is about me.

“Lets do it”

He drives back to my car, and drops me off… I have to go back to the office and get my purse, the hotel is really close to my house.

I park in the back of the hotel. I’m driving the Lion’s car. He has custom plates. This is our neighbourhood. It would be recognized. As much as I’m angry with him, and want to hurt him, I would not want one of our neighbours to think he is having an affair. The irony, he is… and shortly, so will I.

I feel so dirty as I enter the hotel lobby.

I love it.

Souls escape is paying for the room.

I don’t know if I should look like I know him, or pretend I don’t.

He turns and smiles at me, and says hi.


my tummy is a mess.

I’m so nervous.

I have only had sex with four people before in my life. I married two of them, and lived for years with the Twin.

This is crossing into uncharted territory.

Fuck, it’s exciting.

I swear, if I was not wearing panties, I would be dripping.

We head to the room.


King sized bed.

A whirlpool tub for two in the room.

I slip my shoes off… I’m closer to his height! Lol…

I sit on the edge of bed… I don’t really know what to do right now.

I know what I want…

He’s on me in a flash….

hands everywhere…

His young body is hard everywhere, and I mean everywhere!

I can’t believe he want me.

My shirt is off.

His shirt is off.

My bra… my panties.

His mouth and tongue find my nipples, his finger get lost inside.

They work magic!

Fuck, my back arches, I can’t contain myself, I don’t just moan, I practically scream with pleasure.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I can feel an organism building quickly.

My body bucks and I do scream with ecstasy as the O crashes over me and I squirt and soak his hand at the same time.

“Wow” is all he has to offer.

He dives in, and his tongue licks up the dipping cum, his fingers never stopping this pounding rhythm, rapidly bring me back to the edge, and quickly over. I soak the bed again.

“My turn” I growl, and push him back.

His young manhood rock hard and I can’t help myself… My turn.

I start with a little lick…

I love to start that way… tease them with the anticipation of what is to come. And I get a little taste.


He tastes like more.

I drop my head and start at the base…. run my tongue slowly up to the tip. And swirl around and collect the bead that waits for me.

Oh yes…mmmmmm.

More… I need more…

I wrap my lips around his head, and slowly slide him into my mouth. Taking as much as I can in.

His turn to buck and moan.

Fuck, I forgot how incredible the first time is.

I begin my rhythm. His hips rise to meet me each time.

His finger find my hair, and grab.

I want to feel him all the way…. I open my throat and slide him in.

“FUCK” he yells.

His hips buck and down I go again, his hard cock sliding down my throat.

His groans again.

The power! God, I want to be fuck now!

“Fuck me” I state.

His eyes turn to murky pools… and he rolls over and grabs his pants. And pulls out two condoms.

I love a man who comes prepared!

He quickly slips it on, and before I know it, he’s poised, ready to plunge in.

My breath catches. Once again, I feel I’m at a crossroads…. this is the act, the undeniable moment.

Fuck I want this… more than I thought I did.

Our eyes meet, I grin, and nod.

My pussy is so wet and ready, his cock begins it’s entrance, and my body screams with pleasure.

Fuck me!

This is better than I thought, the naughtiness of it all. The shear pleasure of having an afternoon of sex with a complete stranger. Who knew how much of an aphrodisiac that would be!?

Fuck fuck fuck fuck…

I cum again, gushing all over him, he cums right behind me…

Damn, that was good, fast but good.

Rolling over, I grin at my young Adonis, and cheekily ask “so, what’s your recovery time. ”

He laughed and says “geez, you are insatiable, give me a little time, I’m not twenty anymore”

No, I think, you are 30! Fuck.

He dives in again, his tongue and fingers resume their rhythm, quickly bring me back to the edge.

Oh, the enthusiasm of youth.

He keeps me there just on the edge, not quite tipping over. God my mind is a blank again, and…. over I go… I gush again.

He’s stopped again.

Wait… why did he stop… I open my eyes to see why, ah, the second condom.

He only needs ten minutes. Fuck me!

My inner goddess is clapping!

My turn on top!

I straddle him and look him right in the eyes, as I slowly lower myself into his erect cock.

Ahhhhh…. I love the feeling as it just starts to enter.

Teasing the tip again, I lift my hips just slightly, and lower again.

Just a bit, up and down, just feeling that exquisite feeling of entrance, again and again.

This time his eyes start to roll back, his hand reach up and wrap them selves around my face and pull me down.

I can’t stay on the tip, so I plunge down. Taking his cock all deep into my dripping pussy.


sharing a deep kiss, tongues entwining, I rock my hips and feel his cock grinding against my g-spot.

Fuck fuck fuck….

I can feel it rising again, the waves building and building with each stroke.

I can’t contain myself anymore, I scream and cum, pounding my hips, hard. Over and over, I feel the crashing organism fill my body, my cunt pulsing with the extreme pleasure….

I pound again and again, moaning and screaming with each devastating cum.

I throw my head back and a deep screaming moan as the big O hits….

His face contorts and he groans with me. Cumming again for the ride.

Fuck, that was awesome.

My turn to roll off, and I tuck myself under his arm, and snuggle in.

“That was amazing” I murmur.


I look over at the time, oh my god!

“I have to go… he’s going to expect me home soon”

“Damn” he replies “I had hoped we could make use of that tub”

“Fuck, I wish… I love the water!”

I quickly clean up and get dressed.

As I lean over to give him a good bye kiss, he says

“Nice to meet you, I’m Nik

I grin, “it was REALLY nice to meet you Nik, I’m Tasha”

And walk out the door…

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