Stuck in the middle with you….

I was tired of fighting it.

If you can’t beat them, join ’em.

So I did.

The kids were at the Crack heads house. (She has sobered up long before her kids were born, but, I still call her that).

The Bull had bought two cases of beer, so party was just beginning. I had joined them on the front lawn, sitting around in lawn chairs looking very “Trailer Park” with a 2/4 of Pabst Blue Ribbon in the middle. The place of honour.

I don’t remember what led up to it, but somewhere along the way, to prove some point, I got up and gave the Twin a very deep kiss. The Indian objected, he was concerned about the Bull feelings. His wife kissing an employee.

Ha, like he cared! The Bull Had not touched me in months. Lets be honest, years.

I continued down the line. Next was The Fighter, he kissed back. He was ready for the kiss, unlike the Twin. Who was caught off-guard.

I started towards the Indian to prove it meant nothing, but he refused.

All good. I had been wanting to kiss The Fighter and The Twin for ages.

I had this crazy fantasy. They would come up to our property (like they do) for a weekend of brews with their buddy, and boss, The Bull. And somewhere along the way, it would end up being a gang bang, with me tied to a tree. I had several versions that rolled around in my head. But the end result was always the same, me masterbating to the image of the two men fucking me in the woods.

That never happened. Too bad.

The kisses, tho, definitely met my expectations… I will have to find a way to do that again sometime…

The evening continues as it usually does, the Bull clowning around, the Twin with his jokes, the Fighter and his stories, the Indian, and his silence…

The kids come home, I reluctantly leave them, and head inside to cook dinner. The kids are fed and now in bed, and the boys had come in because the ‘skiters had become ferocious. They head downstairs, to the man cave with it’s antique fridge that keeps the beer so cold, and the overflowing ashtrays, and all those “Manly” things.

I’m alone. It’s quiet time. My personal time. Me time.

I am still upstairs clearing the usual mess from the kitchen. Drudge drudge drudge. My head is in the clouds, thinking about the earlier kisses, and starting to drift to other more forbidden places.

There was this sound of one of them coming upstairs. I don’t not turn around from the sink. Why bother?, who ever it is, is probably just going to pee. The beer is all downstairs.

Suddenly, there is a hand at my waist, and a nibble at my neck. Surprised, as the Bull is never affectionate, I turn around.

It’s the Twin.

He reaches up, and cups my face and begins to kiss me.


I have not been kissed like this in forever. I can’t help myself, I return the kiss.

Gentle at first, hesitate exploration of lips on lips. Then more intense. The tongues begin the dance. Darting in and out, testing and tasting.

Ohhhhhh…. I’m soon lost.

I have not felt this desirable in years.

This man wants me.

Really really really wants me.

His hands start to explore. Mine too. Feeling and finding. Seeking and wanting more.

His hard body is pressing me up against the sink, I can feel his passion rising.

Suddenly, there is a sound at the stairs, someone else is coming upstairs.

We break apart, like two teenagers caught by their parents making out on the couch.

That alone increases my desire.

Sure enough, it’s the Bull.

He walks past the kitchen, on to the bathroom. Completely ignoring the two of us.

We look at each other, guilty.

I turn around and continue washing the dishes.

He stands there and watches.

I can feel his eyes on my back.

“So…” I casually ask “are you staying overnight?”

The Bull walks into the kitchen at that very moment, and replies for him.

“Of course he is, it’s too late for him to drive home”. Clapping the Twin on the back.

A slow grin crosses the Twins face, and he winks. Turns and joins the Bull, returning the Man Cave below.

Fuck… I’m left thinking, what the fuck was that?

God, I want more than that….a clandestine snog in the kitchen, my hands soapy from washing dishes?

If I’m honest with myself, I want more than that…. I can’t remember the last time I was fucked… hmmm, the baby is 7…. so probably almost 8 years…


I finish my cleaning up.

I am putting the last leftover into the fridge, I close the door. And there he is.

Fuck. Now what?

He quickly has me pressed against the closed door, his mouth desperately on mine.

My hands are around his neck, my fingers in his hair. Fuck, I want this, I want him!

My leg begins to snake around his legs, I press myself against him, my hands find my way under his shirt….

OMG…. I want, I want, I want…..

My hips have a mind of their own, I can feel the heat rising I press my now very wet pussy against his very hard cock, bursting against his jeans.

Do I?

I want to…

My hands reach down…. they stop hesitantly at the top of his fly.

I have not done this in ages.

it feels like a lifetime ago… God, I want to feel a hard cock in my hand… in…..

He pauses a second, his eye widen just enough, I know he wants this too…

I slowly begin the unveiling of my prize…. my hand slips in, my ears peeled for the slightest sound from below… I do NOT want the Bull to catch us now.

Ahhhhhh,….. fuck….. he is so hard…. so ready, I am sure my pussy must by soaking wet.

My mind is racing. I desperately want this cock in me.

Where? there is no where here we can do this…

Well, I never did it in a car as a teenager, the Bull always a house, a bed. I have a large van….. hmmm…. that seems so naughty.


The kissing and exploration continues. the breathing gets heavier. The cock, if it could, seems to be harder.

“Want to fuck in the van?”

There…. i said it.

He steps back, his eye are full of lust and desire…. there is a look of questioning…. what does that mean?

Fuck I want this.

“I want you in me” I breath…

“desperately want you in me”

Suddenly, there is alot of noise coming from the basement, the party is breaking up.


We jump apart again, and fix our clothes, and I walk to the living room on legs that can barely carry me, they are almost jello.

The Indian and the Fighter are heading out, to catch their bus home. The Twin drives, and at this point it is too late (beer-wise) for him to drive.

The Bull and the Twin join me in the living room.

One on either side.

The Bull takes the remote, and changes the channel, and begins to watch Law and Order. Typical, he did not even ask if I was watching the show…

I look over at the Twin, he looks back, and his eyes tell me what he is really thinking.

I can see this is just the beginning.

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right….

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