Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play….

Terisha is tied to the bed when we enter the room. Blindfolded.

She moans just a little at the sound of three people entering the room. Anticipation? Fear? Excitement?

The Coach has already told us what he wants. I pout again… when I entered the room and saw her there. I so wanted to play.

The Lion and Coach get undressed and get into position.

I sit in my chair, at the foot of the bed. Where I was told to sit. So I can see everything, but can’t quite reach. He told me he would tie me to it, if I can’t stay still. This is not going to be easy.

I want to run my fingers up her legs. I want to taste her sweetness and feel every inch of her beautiful body, all laid out for our pleasure.

But I sit.

And watch.

And squirm.

The Lion on her right, the Coach on her left. Their cocks perfectly lined up with her outstretched hands.

I can hear her breath hitch as she feels their hands slide along her arms and tease her breast and nipples. Her hands find their mark and she has one cock in each hand. Her body begins to undulate with pleasure.  Pumping them both, exploring and enjoying the attention.

Oh, to be her right now…

“Suck his cock”. The Coach murmurs. “You know you want to”

She immediately rolls to the right. So eager to taste the Lion’s exquisite example of man hood. Not that I can blame her. He is an impressive sight to see, or in her case feel.

She practically devours his waiting cock, trying valiantly to get as much as she can down her throat.

The Lion prowls further up onto the bed, rocking his hard cock in and out of her mouth. His hands continue his exploration of her trussed up body.

My pussy is aching with desire, I can feel my panties are getting soaked, and squirm on my chair, trying to find a comfortable spot.

The Coach looks up at the sound, and meets my eye. “No” he mouths.

Damn, I have to sit still, too? He’s so mean.

He leans down and plays with her nipples with his tongue and mouth. I know what he is doing. My nipples harden in anticipation. He nips, she cries in pleasure around the Lions cock. I gasp is empathy.  or is it desire?

Fuck, I want in….

The Lion’s hands move futher south, and find her lovely wet clit, I can see his fingers glistening with the lovely juices as he works his magic.  Her body has no choice but to respond.  Her senses must be overloaded.

Again, I can’t stand it…. I want to play….

I shift again on my chair, and once again it creaks.  The Coach looks over again, rolls his eyes, and says, “Ok”

You don’t have to ask me twice.  Finally!

I’m up on the bed, along with them.  My mouth and tongue eagerly being their assent.  I start with her calves, caressing and kissing as I go.  I move up to that sensitive spot, the inside of her knees.  The onwards to my target, that glistening wet nub.

My tongue dips first, just a little, to get that first taste.  I love, love, love the taste of cock, but there is something about the taste of pussy. Sweeter, more girly.  Just yum.

I work my tongue around, exploring the folds and get to know her.  I suck gently at first, but then increase the pressure.  I am rewarded by lovely gush of juice, her hips rock as she responds to my mouth.

The Lion’s fingers and my tongue battle for position.  I know my place.  I back off, time  to move up.  The Coach watches my approach and grins.  What is going on behind those eyes?

I give him a deep kiss, and then the Lion.  Sharing the lovely nectar with Terisha’s two suiters.

Then I lean down, her nipples have already taken a lot of abuse, they now need a gentle touch.  I lick and caress the tender peaks.  Sucking the nipples into my mouth, and pull gently. Ahhhhh….. again, I am rewarded with a bucking body.

Time seems to stop, and we all continue tasting and exploring the delectable treat laid out for us.  Feeling.  Exploring.  Tasting.  Hands, mouths, tongues everywhere….

My mind gets lost the desirous pile of bodies.

The Blindfold and Ties come off.

Time for a good fucking. 

The Lion suits up, and gets into position, his cock poised to make its claim.   The Coach and I on one side, watch with glee as he begins his assault. Slowly at first, he works his thick hard cock into her tight hole, then he begin to increase his pace, she moans as she feels herself filled to capacity.

I think its time for another kiss.  I lean in and kiss her soft lips as my husband fucks her.  FUCK… I love to watch him work his magic.  She taste lovely, and I continue to explore again leaving no part untasted or unexplored.

I can tell she is getting closer, and sit back to watch the show.  The Coach and I play with each other caressing, feeling, licking while keeping an eye on the main attraction.

Her body bows and flexes as the next cum approaches, and with a cry she cums.  Yesssssss….. awesome!

She’s lying there a lovely puddle of sweat and cum.   A beautiful sight to see.

I lean in and whisper:

“Happy Birthday, Terisha”

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