Coitus Interuptus

Leaving the Pirates, I make sure I am all freshened up. I don’t want the Lion to know what I have been up to. I told him I was at my book club (I have never been to a book club… I’m mean really? Bunch of old ladies talking about some boring book? It does make for a great excuse to get out of the house for a few hours though!)

Pulling into the drive, I make one last check, yes, I don’t look like I have fucked four ways from Sunday.

Time to play the good house wife.

As I enter the house, I can tell something is not right. The living room is too quiet. Usually, he greets me as I enter the house.

What’s that sound?… it sounds like groaning. I hope nothing is wrong.

I’m a bit worried as I head back into the house. But am quickly surprised by the sight in front of me.

There in our spare room is the Lion. Absolutely naked. There’s a nubile young woman with long hair draped over his lower half, sucking his cock.

The moaning is coming from from him. His hands have a firm grasp of her perfect ass, as he is working that amazing tongue of his into her pussy.

Fuck… this is totally not what I expected to find when I got home.

“What the fuck is going on here”. I demand.

They both jump at the sound of my voice. The guilty looks of two toddler caught with their hands in the cookie jar.


“It’s, it’s not what it looks like” he stammers.

I really can’t judge, can I? I’ve been out fucking a strapping pirate, while he was home… but I need to pretend I’m upset.

“Oh?” Indignantly I spit out “it looks allot like the two of you were fucking, in our bed”

“No, no, no, that’s not it at all”. He stammers back.

“Really?” I can’t believe he is denying something so obvious. He needs to be punished for this!

Yes! Yes he does! Naughty boy.

“I think you need to be punished for this!” I shout ” I’ve been a good wife, at my book club, and you were here fucking around, with, with, with….”

My turn to stammer. Fuck… she’s hot… I would love to play with her…

Hmmm…. I glance around, and my eyes spot the strap-on. Ohhhhh…. this might be good.

I look back and I can see she can read my mind… she slowly smiles, and winks at me.

Yes… that will do nicely.

“You need to be punished” I repeat… “I think you need to be fucked in the ass by your girl friend, while I ride your face”

His eyes widen!

Love it!

Then the scared look is replaced by a look of understanding. He knows I’m not really mad, but actually quite turned on.

M’Lady hops of the bed, and gets ready. I take her place. I need to taste that cock, my cock.

Mmmm, it’s a delicious mix, I can taste his musky manness mixed with her sweet delicious girly juice. The mixture provides a heady ambrosia and I proceed to lick it all, making sure I have every drop.

His tongue is doing his magic, I’m surprise he has not noticed that my pussy and ass have already been pounded tonight. He probably just thinks the creaminess is because I am so turned on by the current situation, which I am.

I lift my head to find her standing over us, the smile on her face is unmistakable. I need to taste her too.

Again, she can read my mind, and leans in. Mmmmmm, those luscious lips, so soft and tasty. Our tongues dance around each other’s as we enjoy each other’s lust.

I grasp his knees and bring his ass up into position. Fuck, this will be fun.

The well lubed dildo is position at the gate, and I can feel his excitement grow, as his cock twitches in my mouth, and a low groan escapes from below!

I grind my hips in response, this is supposed to be punishment, he is not supposed to be having fun!

With my mouth firmly on his cock, I have the perfect view, as her beautiful girly cock slides into the waiting naughty entrance. I plunge down, taking his massive cock as far into my throat as I can as she pumps in further and further.

We match our rhythms, my throat, hips and her cock. He is soon back to moaning in response.

I sit up…. time for me to enjoy this goddess as well. I keep my pussy firmly placed on his magic mouth. My hips keep doing their dance.

I reach out and caress her lovely firm young boobs her nipples respond. Mmmmm…. her hands reach and return the favour. Double mmmmmm…

I lean over and she meets me half way. She tastes so good.

I can’t help myself, I want to lick those beautiful nipples. My tongue moves slowly from her tasty lips and explores the lovely curve of her neck. Mmmmm, still as tasty, a little salty from the sweat of her earlier activities with the Lion.

I get a lovely moan from her, and I continue south, my hands and fingers exploring ahead. Finally my mouth find its mark. My tongue circle the her alert nipple and then I suck it in. Mmmmmm.

I can’t stop myself I’m moaning to the combination of watching, and kissing and licking this sexy girl as she fucks my husband while he licks and fingers me is amazing. I’m close to cumming. I can feel the beautiful release beginning to build.

I blurt “fuck this better than the Pirate just was


Hopefully they did not notice my slip.

“Wait!… what?… who?” He sputters. Pushing me off.

Damn, another interrupted cum this evening.

“You weren’t at book club?” He continues.

My turn to stammer.

“Ummmmm, well, no”

“What the fuck! You are angry with me, and you have been out fucking some Pirate?”

“Oh my”. M’Lady purrs “I think the good wife has not been as good as she let’s on. Maybe she needs a punishment too”


“Get out of the dress, and get on all fours” the Lion demands.

The tickle truck open…

And out comes the electro zapper….

M’lady’s eyes light up… she’s a real sadist!

This is going to be a long night….

(Well, that’s the way the scene was supposed to happen…. I actually entered the room, said my line, caught her eye, and we both started giggling…. we all knew all along how the night was going to play out…)

to read what happened at the Pirates before go here:

To read about when I first met M’Lady

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