Park and ride

I can’t believe I still have any energy left! The Lion pushed me hard last night, and I flew into complete outer-sub-space. But the more I get, the more I want. I am insatiable!

I told him I was going to visit Mom, I did… briefly. What he does not know won’t hurt him, right?

The Coach is meeting me at the park and ride just outside town. I text as I leave the Valley Boy‘s house. This will be the second time Coach will be finishing what the Boy started. My cunt has taken quite the beating in the past 12 hours, but it’s ready for more!

I pull in and park beside him, but he motions for me to park on the other side… hmmm… what is he thinking?

Once I get the car in park, he grins, grabs his ever present Timmie’s cup and climbs in.

There’s that evil grin I can’t get enough of. I lean in to give him a cum laced kiss.

“So?” He inquires “did the Valley Boy satisfy you?”

“Oh, he was pretty good, but I’m never satisfied!” I grin back.

I glance around, I’m a bit nervous about this parking lot, it’s very exposed, and there are a few cars parked.

“Don’t worry, the key is someone has to keep watch… so no closing your eyes Tasha!”

I make a face. He’s always trying to get me to keep my eyes open!

He leans over and gently kisses my pouting lips, pulling the bottom one in between his teeth. The nibbles always drive me crazy…. the petulance is gone, replaced with lust.

I return his kisses seeking his tongue with mine, chasing and darting back and forth. Each of us taking turns at being the prey and the predator.

My fingers slip in between the buttons on his shirt. They seem to burn at the touch the skin of his chest. The smell, taste, and feel of this man drives me crazy. I become an uninhibited horny slut, again. My hunger unquenchable.

He knows what I want. He unzips, releasing my prize! I lick my lips in anticipation….

I love the first taste of cock. The silky smooth tip. I lean over and run my tongue along the underneath, leaving my favourite part for the last. He groans his approval.

I know he wants me to suck him into my mouth, but I want to appreciate the impressive rod. Tasting every surface before I slide it down my throat.

I shift position, trying to get over the console, and repeat the slow glide of my tongue from base to tip, savouring each side, again and again. Mmmmm….

Now that he’s suitably prepped, I can have my appetizer.

I grip his hard cock in my hand and gently squeeze and pull… I’m rewarded with lovely bead of sweet nectar. I dip my tongue into the cum hole and taste. Fuck!

I can’t help myself, I want the whole thing, deep. Opening my lips just enough , I suck and lower myself until I can feel his tip hitting the back of my throat. My pussy twitches. I fucken love cock!

I slide and suck his cock in and out of my throat and mouth. Humming with delight. Mmmmmmmmm….. I’m soon lost in the ecstasy of control.

“You need to stop, if you want to ride”. He gasps.

“Oh! May I?”

And he reclines his seat right back, and gets himself ready.

“You have to keep watch tho”.

Fuck… I completely forgot where I was….

My long legs are defiantly not an asset right now.

Finally, I find the right spot, and everything is perfectly positioned.

“Slow” he reminds me. Another thing he like to get me to do. Fuck no, I want to feel him deep inside!

I rock my hip and feel the throbbing cock, begging for entrance. I lower myself just enough to allow the tip to violate. Fuck! I changed my mind… time for a little tease.

Up and down, just a bit, enough to slip him in and out. Fuck… this is not teasing him, it’s driving me crazy…

His hand are free to roam… they have managed to find their way under my shirt. His finger tips find their target and clamp on.


My body jumps and my hips jerk, I need to feel him all the way. I cry out as his cock crushes into my g-spot, and he pulls again. I’m sure I just gushed… oops… his jeans are going to be soaked.

Rocking my hips, I can feel him deep inside. God, how can something so bad feel so fuckin good? I can feel the cum beginning to build, my eyes can’t help themselves, they start to roll back as I feel the waves begin to crest.

“Open your eyes” he demands

Shit, I forgot, I’m on top… lookout duty…. still clear.

I continue my dance, hips flexing and grinding… looking down, I can see he’s coming along on the ride with me.

He’s close.

I pick up my pace, sweating and panting, I want to see his face as he cums with me.

Hearing a noise, I glance up… whew… the car was just driving by… the timing would have been terrible if we had to stop now. My cunt is desperate for his cum.

I look back down, yes, his eye are now starting to roll back, his mouth forms an “O” and I can feel his cock pump inside as he cums.

Ffffuuuucckkkk. I cry out.

My pussy convulses, milking his cock, as it sends me hurtling over the brink after him.

Now I know why they call them park and rides….

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