Chapter one: Katy

The Adventures of Reverend Bob

A fiction by The Lion

Rev Bob hit save on the final draft of this morning’s lesson, extended his arms over his head in a combination of victory gesture/long stretch to ease his tired arms. He closed his laptop and smiled contentedly. It was going to be a good day.

This morning would be the final lesson in a six part series for new church members. He’d worked hard to convey his knowledge and experience through the series to his 4 eager students. Rich and Sheila, an attractive couple in their early 40s, had approached him when they started attending his church to teach them and their 18 year old son, Don and his pretty girlfriend, Penny, the basics. They were new to this stuff and they were eager to learn.

Just thinking about Don’s girlfriend, Penny, made Rev Bobs flaccid cock suddenly stir. He knew it was wrong to think of her in such carnal terms but the girl was an extremely pretty and sensuous young lady. A slim brown eyed beauty with chestnut hair that reached her shoulders, Penny was, without a doubt, a stunner. A natural athlete and a swimmer, Penny was the star on the high school swim team where early morning practices had toned her young body to perfection. Bob guessed that Her perky young breasts, usually tightly constrained within a sports bra under the thin short T shirts she habitually wore, were probably a 34B maybe even a C cup. Her taut, flat belly was usually fully visible between where her short T shirts ended and the top of her yoga pants began.

“Ah Yoga pants, ” mused Bob, “God truly inspired the inventor of that perfect design!”

There was little guess work needed to figure out what Penny’s lower body would look like naked! The form hugging pants she habitually wore emphasized the gorgeous round swell of her bubble butt.  Bob had a tough time not staring at her gorgeous ass whenever she turned around. Keeping his eyes  to himself was not easy.  He often wondered what her lovely, toned thighs would feel like wrapped around his head or, better yet, his waist.

Bob shook his head to clear the lewd thoughts from his mind. “What am I thinking?” he quietly admonished himself, “this young lady is my student, a member of my flock. I can’t think of her in terms of her physical beauty!”

This, however, was easier said than done. Allowing his thoughts to dwell on Penny’s obvious charms had caused Bob’s penis to stir and awaken in his pants. He was tempted to take a bathroom break and give himself some much needed relief “down yonder” while he visualized Penny perfectly formed posterior in her black Lulu Lemons! Bob’s thick 8 inch cock had swollen to about 3/4s of its girth and was starting to demand more space within his casual dress pants.

“Enough!” He thought, as he purposefully reopened his laptop, called up his draft lesson and printed it out for use later that morning.

He had about an hour till the lesson started at the church. He swung through the kitchen and pecked his plump wife, Katy, on the cheek as he headed for the kitchen door. Katy, now in her early 40s, having birthed two healthy boys, who were themselves now in their teens, had never lost the baby weight. Two kids and a healthy appetite for all things sweet or chocolate had devastated her once trim body and she was now the typical, chunky church lady; the perfect Pastors Wife. Although Bob and Katy still enjoyed a weekly roll in the hay, Bob found his thoughts wandering during the throes of passion to an image of Penny’s tight little tush in her skin tight yoga pants as he slipped his cock into Katy’s well used birth canal.

To give her credit Katy was an accomplished little cocksucker. After more than 20 years of marriage she knew just how to get Bob off with her lips, tongue and throat. In their early days together, before children, Katy would sometimes spontaneously suck Bob off just for the fun and joy of watching the effect her talented tongue could inspire in the earnest young seminarian. These naughty lusty little interludes usually took place in the kitchen or the car, places not usually associated with planned sexual activity.

Bob remembered a particularly delicious session in a red canoe in the middle of a remote lake. It was just months after they were married and Katy, then a slim green eyed blonde with a trim athletic body was wearing a bright blue bikini. Bob remembered enjoying the view of her delicious round ass and perky little tits in the skimpy little swim suit. In the middle of the lake, as they paused to enjoy the scenery Katy turned carefully and slowly to Bob, so as not to upset the canoe and unexpectedly reached into his swim trunks. Bobs cock had already started to thicken just from the sly sexy little grin on Katy’s faces as she turned to face him. With one hand she slowly stroked bobs cock to its full impressive stature while she pulled his trunks down with her other hand. Katy released her grip on Bobs now rigid cock as she employed both hands to pull his trunks clear of his hips. His thick pole sprang from its constraints and sprang rigidly up to slap against his pelvis and lower belly. Bob remembered those days in his early to mid twenties when his cock would get so hard it was almost painful and it stood so upright it almost clung to the front of his body.

Katy’s appreciative look told Bob that she was intent on tasting his bulbous cockhead. While bobs cock was an impressive 8 inches long it’s girth was the most prominent feature of his manhood. It was easily as thick as Katy’s wrist and her soft little hand could not fully encircle its swollen circumference. Katy had noted a drop of precum starting to seep out of Bobs turgid staff. The glistening little drop was just starting to slip out of his piss hole and the sight made her catch her breath and lick her lips. By now she was quite accustomed to the salty taste of bobs cock juice and she quite enjoyed the slippery feel of it on her tongue and in her mouth. The sight of his tasty man juice was making her tight little pre-baby slit moisten, her labia began to swell as her clitoris began to tingle with anticipation. With her right hand she slowly ran her index finger over the sheer blue gusset of her tiny bikini bottom. She traced the lips of her slit and paused over her clit to rub in slow circles. Bob could see moisture starting to seep through the fabric of her bikini, his cock twitched involuntarily as Katy stared deep into his eyes and slowly ran her tongue over her soft little lips.

Bob was tempted to stand up and slide his raging hardon into Katy’s soft little mouth but, as anyone who has had anything to do with a canoe knows, this would not have been a wise move. Katy moved her left hand slowly toward his rigid cock and trailed her fingernails lightly down the shaft lowering her mouth toward the glistening drop of precum. She daintily touched the tip of her tongue to the drop, languidly and slowly licking the salty treat off his swollen knob. meanwhile she engaged her left hand to slowly massage his ball sack. Her right hand continued to rub her now throbbing clit through the thin fabric of her bikini bottom.  As she gently manipulated his hairy nuts she slid her lips and tongue slowly over the head of his dick. His engorged knob was now in her mouth and her lively little tongue was doing slow sensuous circles around the tip of his cock. Every so often she used the tip of her tongue to delve into the pisshole and mine for more precum. In the early days of their relationship this would have tipped Bob over the edge. These preliminary shenanigans would have rewarded Katy with a mouth full of hot white cum in pretty short order but Bob had come to appreciate that if he learned to control his orgasm and delay his gratification there were a lot more tricks Katy would employ to drain his swollen nut sack.

Katy took her right hand off her panty covered slit and her left hand off his balls and slid both hands over the back of his thighs. As her hands slid up toward his butt cheeks he lifted slightly off the canoe thwart to allow her to fully cup a cheek in each hand. The action of lifting off the seat had the effect of sliding his cock further into her mouth. He carefully placed his hands on either gunnel to keep the canoe upright and realized that he could not afford to get too rambunctious with sudden or strong movements. The agonizingly slow insertion of his cock into Katy’s soft little mouth was driving him crazy. His instinct was to grasp her head and guide her toward a more vigorous mouth ministration, however the precarious canoe balance issue forced him to take it slow and let her take a slow and measured approach to engulfing his straining love muscle. Slowly but surely he felt his cock rub pAst the back of her mouth and enter her throat. She had been able to deep throat his cock when they had first met.  it was  a trick she had learned as a teen to avoid the dangers of teenage pregnancy and satisfy the boy she dated then throughout her high school years. As bobs cockhead continued to slide further down her throat he silently thanked her former beau for teaching her this awesome talent. Now she had his cock in her throat right to the hilt. Her nose was right up against his pelvis and her lips were at the base of his cock. The top of his scrotum touched her bottom lip and she slowly and sensuously slid her tongue out and licked his swollen nut sack. Bob marvelled once again, as he always did, at this nasty little display of funky fellatio. He was somewhat distracted however by the necessity of keeping the canoe from tipping over by limiting any wild or sudden gyrations. She squeezed his butt cheeks with both hands and forced his cock further into her throat as she continued to lick his nuts with her long slippery tongue. Just when he figured he couldn’t take any more and he could feel his nuts start to twitch in a preogasmic spasm. She slid his cock slowly out of her throat and mouth and sweetly grinned at him.

“What would you like to do now?” She asked coyly.

“Holy crap Katy I was just about to cum! Why don’t you just finish me off?”

“Oh I know,” she said “I could feel you were right on the brink but it won’t hurt you to hold off a bit now will it?”

If he was going to be honest he would rather have slipped his saliva coated cock right back down her throat and shot his cream right down her gullet but he knew that Katy wanted him to eat her pussy and her experience was that a horny Bob was  a much more motivated and thorough labia lapper!

Manoeuvring into a position that would enable him to get his mouth in her lap was going to be a delicate dance. She slowly lowered his naked ass cheeks back onto the thwart on his end the canoe and eased her self up onto the thwart on her end of the canoe. By now her slit was leaking her moisture freely and there was a sizeable wet spot on the gusset of her bikini. She reached to untie the sides of her suit in order to allow bob’s tongue free reign of her swollen lips and throbbing clitoris, however, Bob asked her to let him do it.

“Ok,” she said “but are you sure you can handle those tricky strings?”

Bob smirked and lowered himself gently onto his knees in the bottom of the canoe. Now it was Katy’s turn to maintain the balance of the tricky little boat and she placed her hands on the gunnels and watched while Bob slowly brought his face in line with the wet spot on the crotch of her bikini. Bob first inhaled deeply. Like most people who truly enjoy eating pussy the smell of a healthy young woman’s cunt is something to be savoured and relished. Bob could smell her pussy juice as it seeped through the crotch of her panties and his cock twitched anew. Bob softly blew on the wet spot and gently nuzzled it with his nose. He stuck out his tongue and softly licked at the sticky cunt goo that oozed through the thin material. Katy’s reaction was as if someone had just touched an electrode to the tip of her clit. She stiffened her legs and her pelvis involuntarily sought firmer contact with bobs questing tongue. Her instinct was to use one hand to remove the cloth barrier from her moist fuck hole and the other to guide his head onto her quivering slit, however, the stiffening of her legs was enough to warn her that the stability of the canoe depended on her keeping both hands on the gunnels.

The smell of Katy’s cunt was driving Bob crazy. He needed to taste her juice, lick her swollen love lips and suck her hard clit. As he continued softly blowing and licking her through the sheer material he slid his hands up the sides of her thighs and untied the strings of her bikini bottoms. Slowly he eased the front panel down revealing her shaved pubis. Katy was the first woman Bob had ever encountered who shaved her pussy and he was definitely a fan of this grooming method. As he slid the garment away from her crotch her slick little slit came gradually into view. With no hair to impede his appreciative gaze it soon became obvious that Katy was fully aroused. Her pretty pink lips were swollen and pussy juice leaked from her snatch  causing it to glisten delightfully. Her clitoris, swollen to the size of a pencil eraser was peeking out from under the hood. A drop of moisture ran all the way down her lips and pooled at  on her puckered little anus. It was a sight that almost caused him to blow his load right there!

Now it was his turn to tease her aroused flesh. After the pleasure she had bestowed on his thick cock and ball sack the challenge was on. He blew softly on her slit in the same way he’d done when her bottoms were in place but now there was no barrier between her bald beaver and his gentle breath. He gingerly stuck the tip of his tongue out and touched it to the end of her clit. Again this sent a jolt of delight through her and once again she was forced to concentrate on balancing the boat. Bob circled her swollen clit with the tip of his tongue enjoying the smell and texture of her moisture. He sucked her clit gently into his mouth and slid his tongue tip slowly into her slippery slot.

If Katy reacted strongly before now her brain short circuited. Her tight pussy contracted and a strong orgasm slammed through her pulsating quim. The boat rocked dangerously.  In the throes of her sudden orgasm she had raised her thick bubble butt off the seat but she managed to keep her hands on the sides and maintain equilibrium. Softly moaning she sank her butt back onto the seat and let out a satisfied groan.

“Wow Bobby that one snuck up on me quickly! That was great!”

“Good to know Kate but I’m dying here!” Groaned Bob. “It’s going to be tough but I need to get my dick into your tight little snatch ASAP! Lie down in the bottom of the canoe and put an ankle on either gunnel. Once you’re comfy I’m coming in for a landing!” Bob instructed.

“Aye Aye Captain!” Katy smirked as she gingerly slid her round bum onto the floor of the canoe and carefully laid an ankle on either side of the boat.

Bob carefully and slowly slid onto his knees between her open legs. His cock had lost none of its rigidity. If anything the lusty cunt licking he had administered to Katy’s slick little crack had only served to harden his swollen shaft. Gently he rubbed his bulging knob around her clit and used her juice to lubricate his prick. Before babies Katy had one of the tightest cunts he’d ever had the pleasure of sliding into. It was one of the reasons she insisted on lots of hot oral before an attempt was made to bury his thick cock in her sweet little love clam. Using one hand to guide the rubbing of his cock on her lips and clit,  he dipped the fingers of his free hand  into her gooey hole and rubbed the girly goo onto the top and sides of his cock.

Thus primed he slowly leaned forward and attempted to insert his rigid tool into her tight little fuck hole. Even though he’d fucked Katy many times, sometimes 3 or 4 times a night, she was still extremely tight and difficult to enter. He cupped one hand on her left ass cheek and with the other he spread her cunt lips flicking her rigid clit with his thumb. Katy scootched forward to meet his tool, took a deep breath, and groaned as his massive cock head slid in past the ridge on his knob. Bob’s cock felt like a strong hand was squeezing the top of his dick as he pushed another inch of the shaft into her lovely tight fuck hole. Katy always said she felt like a virgin getting her cherry busted every time Bob entered her because between her extreme tightness and his massive girth it really took an effort to get his cock in all the way. Inch by inch her slipped his mighty pole into her until at last he felt his balls touch her round ass cheeks.  He paused for a moment to catch his breath but Katy was now completely filled up and wanted to feel the hot cock stroke all her hidden spots and especially for his knob to rub against her g spot as he slid his meat in and out of her juicy snatch. The first few strokes it was difficult for Bob to keep from cumming as the tight velvety cunt milked his cock with a deathlike vice grip but finally he felt her juice begin to flow freely around his cock and as he stroked into her he heard a satisfying squelching noise and felt her wetness  surround his cock.

Bob wanted to pound his cock into her and really ride her hard but he knew that in the delicately balanced canoe this would result in them capsizing and him ending up not getting to cum in her tight little snatch. He couldn’t let that happen so he stroked into her slowly and deliberately, She moaned and urged him to fuck her deeper and as he stroked his cock all the way in and then out to the tip he could feel the pressure building in his nut sack.

“I’m going to come Katy are you ready?” he hissed between clenched teeth.

“I’m just riding a cum wave here Bobby…fire at will!” she whispered back.

Bob came in her on a downstroke and buried his shaft as far as it would go. He felt his hot jizz shoot into her womb and her cunt held his cock in deep. Katy’s orgasm contracted her tight love channel around his erupting penis as he squirted his baby batter deep within her. She could feel his white hot love lotion coat the walls of her snug cunt and leak out around his cock and run down into her tight little asshole.

After a brief few moments Bob, thoroughly drained felt his cock softening within her juicy hole and finally slip from her trench. Katy always gave a little sigh when he removed his dick from her pussy, as if she was losing a valuable addition to her own self. He found that endearing.

When they finally reached the shore after their precarious and hot canoe fuck they quickly retired to their tent to carry on the festivities. The “Hot Canoe Fuck” was now a permanent file within Bob’s personal Spank Bank. He recalled it every time he needed a hot image to masturbate to and it rarely let him down when he recalled the intensity of that afternoon.

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