Nip and tuck…

I can’t believe he made it. He’s been teasing me for days. Taunting me. But here he is, coffee cup in hand!

He smiles as he spots me. I smile back.


This one is a naughty boy, we have been exchanging emails and texts for days. He likes to push my limits, looking to see how far I can bend. I love it. My sexual discovery coach!

Tell me your fantasies, I’ll tell if I’ve done it

I’d had another new conquest yesterday here. He was skittish. This one is the opposite. Almost cocky.

Me likie.

I lead him from the lobby down the crazy maze of hallways towards my room. This place is a rat maze. There are little meeting rooms tucked every once in a while. I turn and enter into one. I want to play with this one first, before the main course.

The room is secluded, yet exposed. There are windows overlooking one of the many hallways. Someone I know could walk by anytime. It makes it all the more naughty. He has told me he is an exhibitionist.

I turn to him, and he’s eyes are dancing with mischief.

What? I ask

What? He replies

Well, that is going to go no where… time to break the ice. We had only exchanged a kiss in the park last week, at our meet and greet. I know I want more of that.

I wrap my hands around his neck, and lean in. Mmmmmm…. yes, just as I remembered him, a mix of spearmint and coffee. Somehow, it’s very sexy….

Our tongues explore, discovering each other. Tasting and enjoying the novelty of it.

His hands begin to also explore. I wore a skirt, as requested. He reaches down and slides the skirt up, stops, catches my eye and hitch his breath, just a bit. Fuck… he does know what he’s doing! My insides are already melting with the heat.

He drops his head, and lick that spot on my neck that gets my motor going every time. I’m already purring with delight and anticipation!

Owwww…. he bit me! Wtf? The bite shoots a lighting straight to my pussy…. not only is he talented, he a biter… fuck me… it’s been a while, since the Twin, I do miss those nibbley bites. Wonder what else he will nibble on. Now my eyes are shining with anticipation.

His hands have found their way under my shirt, and slipping inside my bra to cup and play with my tit. Again, he stops, and looks me in the eye. His brow rises, and waits a second, the tweaks.

Ffffuuuuccckkkk. A gasp escapes.

My knees almost collapse under the sheer sudden pain/pleasure of it. Did I tell him I’m a pain slut? I can’t remember anymore who I told what, but I’m pretty sure he knows! I’ve told him everything….probably too much.

His mouth follows, licking and nibbling my now very alert nipple. The other side is out, and he repeats the nip. I gasp again, I swear I just gushed.

“Fuck, you have fabulous nipples, is your room far?”

I think it’s time to take this somewhere more private! Lucky my room is very close by.

Entering the room, he looks around, grins and says

“Nice closet”

How odd…

Then he dives in.

My shirt.

His shirt

My skirt

His pants

Oh my!

We are both quickly naked, hands and mouths are all over each other.

He continues the nipple worship: licking, nipping and teasing them until I’m groaning again with pleasure.

Suddenly, the bed seems to be behind me. How did he do that? I fall down.

The dancing eyes darken. And in he goes.


This man knows where to put his tongue. And his teeth. Again, sucking and licking and nibbling, he drives me quickly to the brink and back.

There is something to be said about an experienced man!

My turn!

Mmmmm…. I love a nice new hard cock. His is definitely hard. Standing at attention. I grin up at him. It’s my turn to have dancing eye.

“What?” He asks, lifting his chin at me.

“What?” I flippantly retort, as I flick my tongue to collect the bead that has formed. Tasty!

That shut him up…

I take my time, savouring the gorgeous specimen in front of me. My tongue slowly circles the tip. I suck just a little on the end, drawing the head into my mouth. And swirl some more. Mmmmm…. I can’t wait to feel this inside. But not yet, I want to take my time.

I look up and see him watching me intently…. my eyes dance again, and down I go. Taking the whole thing in, right to the back of my throat. I love watching their eyes roll back when I do that.

I suck and swirl my tongue as I slowly withdraw him from my mouth, then slide back down, once again to back and then do it again, and again and again. Picking up speed as I go.

“You gotta stop… or I’m going to cum”

“Ummm that’s my point….” I giggle.

And over I go. He has me down again. His mouth exploring, nibbling and finding all the right spots again.

“You want me inside?” he asks…

Fuck yeah!

He’s ready to go!

Mmmmm, the luscious feeling of a new cock sliding into my wet waiting hole….. fuck fuck fuck… my eyes roll back as I savour every inch.

He starts to move his hips, gently pumping and grinding. My hips rise to meet him, meeting half way at each thrust.

His mouth reaches down and once again, he nips what I have now figured out is his favourite place. FUCK! the shooting pleasure hits the mark, and I scream as my pussy clenches on, his shaft driving straight to my g-spot.

The feeling is intense, I can feel the waves of pleasure building, I’m ready to go. My body is moving all by it self, my mind releases itself to the feeling, my hands clench scraping his back.

“Open your eyes” he demands.

I struggle to keep them open as the waves roll over me crashing and crashing as I let out a primal scream.

His eye quickly darken, his pace picks up. I reach down and grab his firm ass, pulling him in harder and harder. The waves are back… bigger than before. My pussy convulses with the intensity of the building cum.

Keeping my eyes firmly on his, we are both completely lost in the feeling of intense lust, his eyes roll back and we both crash on to the other side. Panting and sweaty, he cracks his back, and smiles, those eyes back to dancing.

My face lights up, and my eyes dance in return…

“What?” He laughs.

“What?” I laugh back.

If this is the beginning with him, I can’t wait to see what else he has in store….

Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play…..

another encounter with the Coach can be found here : Park and ride

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