Cherry chapstick….

We were just going to stop by and drop off the guitar. Somehow, it became more.

She invites us to come sit on the couch with her. She sits in the middle, I’m on her left, the Lion to the right. I’m reminded of the song… “stuck in the middle with you”

“You are right” she croons ” she is beautiful… and those eyes!” As her hand gently glides up my arm to my cheek.

“May I kiss you?” I’m not sure how I feel about this. I have never kissed a girl. I know I like boys, but girls? Who knows?

The Lion wants this, and I always want to please him. So here we go….I’ll try anything once!

Ohhhhhhhh….. her lips are soft and sensuous. She gently begins to kiss my lips… she has cherry flavoured gloss! Too funny… but at the same time makes me want to taste her more. My tongue explores the soft lips and tongue. Mmmmm…. my girly parts are starting to warm up. I could kiss her forever…

My hand reaches up and brushes lightly over her lovely young tits. Perky and firm…. the sensation of kissing and caressing her at the same time is very delightful. I get why guys like to kiss girls now!

I explore her cheeks, her neck, her earlobes… back to her mouth. She does the same. The sensualness of it all, the soft skin and sweet smell… so lovely. We lose ourselves in the tasting and exploring of each other’s bodies. Hands and mouths exploring…

I hear the Lion, he is enjoying the show, but he wants to join it too… she turns to him, looks back and me and asks… “May I?”

I raise my eyebrow, and nod my consent.

We both know she has kissed him and more in the past, but this is my first time watching the Lion and M’Lady together. I have never seen my husband kiss another woman… we all don’t know how I will react.

They slowly begin to kiss each other. Gently at first then their lips and tongues seeking each other out.

Omg… it’s fucken hot!

Watching their lips eat each other up, their tongues dancing over each other’s is so enticing, I just have to reach in and touch them both. My hands explore, my mouth and tongue eagerly join the kissing and all three of us are lost in each other.

Mmmmmm….. this is going to be a very fun night….

Pulling up, she draws us all to a stand.

“Let’s undress her”. She tells the Lion. Domme begins to emerge… oh goodie….

Again, my mind is blown, as their hands work to unbutton my blouse and jeans. Their hands explore my body, and I close my eyes to enjoy the sensations. The combination of rough and soft hands are a heady feeling.

“Now I’m the only naked one” I giggle, and the two of us begin to undress the Lion. Our hands and tongues gliding over his body as each piece of clothing is removed.

We turn to her… repeating the process until we are all naked and very very turned on.

A slow grin spreads across her face, and she leads us to her bedroom.

I sit on the edge of the bed, and watch the show unfold in front of me. Damn who knew that watching you husband play with another girl would be so stimulating?

They turn to me and grin.

“Do you like that kitten?” she purrs


“I think we need to use your little slut wife” she tells the Lion


They are both very directive people, so I know I will just have to do as I am told. Goodie goodie goodie! The Subbie in me begins to emerge….

Joining me in the bed, I once again am the plaything. Hand and mouths explore my body. I begin to disappear into the sensations. I don’t know who’s hands are where. Something is different, I open my eyes to see her playing with my clit, the Lion looking on hungrily. His hands alternating between my body and hers.

“She should lick my pussy, while you lick hers”

My eyes open. This is what I was unsure of…. but here goes… I like the kissing, I like playing with her body. This should be fun.

“Do you want to lick my pussy, kitten?”

Yes, yes, yes! I think… my eyes must have given away my interest. The slow smile crosses her face again.

“Come here”. She entices, and direct me to hang my head over the edge of the bed. Fuck! Her bed is perfectly positioned so that her pussy lines up with my face.

She walks forward and lines herself up.

Swirling my tongue around the lips until I find the spot. My tongue dips in and taste the sweet juices. Mmmmm…. I like the taste of her.

I can feel the Lion get into position, and I feel the same happening to me. Fuck fuck fuck…. my body wants to buck and I moan with the pleasure. I love oral, all kinds!

I continue to dip, flick and swirl my tongue. Alternating between sucking and licking, flicking and swirling, I know all the places and ways my pussy likes attention, and soon she is grinding away, increasing the pressure.

“Watch out kitten“. And she back up, and cums with a squirt, I roll over and lap it all up like a good kitten, making sure to collect each drop.

“Good girl” she smiles.

“She has an amazing tongue, doesn’t she?” asks the Lion.

They talk like I’m not there, but then again, tonight I’m the sexual plaything…

Yes, I think she deserves to be fucked now as a reward, does she like that?”

“My slut wife likes plugs in her ass while she’s fucked, you should hear her squeal then”


Her eyes light up. “I have just the thing!”

And out comes a evil looking plug…

omg… I do love ass play. This one is long! I get onto all fours and the plug slips quickly into position. Fuck me, I was ready! The initial feeling of violation and penetration always make me quiver.

Mmmmm…. just getting used to feeling of the plug as it rubs agains the back side of my g-spot causes me to squirm and roll my hips and shoulder with pleasure. Mmmmmmm, I can feel fingers slip into my wet cunt… it clenches trying to hold on as the fingers slip in and out. The full feeling of having both holes filled… god! It’s amazing.

I start to moan and rock more. And the fingers are replaced with a thick hard cock. Fuck! The Lion’s cock is so big and thick. Fuck fuck fuck… the feeling is building as he slowly slides in and out.

She slides in, and sits in front, legs spread and again I reach with my tongue, and find the spot. Sliding my tongue into her soaking pussy, I begin to suck and flick. He’s rhythm increases speed and he fucks harder. My tongue slams into her her while the Lion slams into me. He’s fucking one girl with the other girl.

The sensation build the sweet taste on my tongue, the full ass and the hard thick cock are amazing…. fuck.

I can feel her juices begin to build, and her pussy begin the dance, as the pressure builds. My ass and cunt are also jumping and screaming for release.

Once again she cums, gushing and squirting into my mouth and face. Fuck! That was hot. I’ve always wanted to know what the fuss was all about, and why men are always wanting to eat my pussy, I know, it’s tasty and fun. I want more.

The night is young….

I kissed a girl, and I liked it… the taste of her cherry chap stick.

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