The Punishment

“Yes, Daddy”

I kneel on the cushions he has thoughtfully placed on the floor for my knees.

“Thank you, Daddy”

Every time I get in the position, I wonder, what the fuck am I doing? But the other voice, Naughty Natasha, whispers… you know you love it…

Damn that bitch… she’s right….

I’m already twitching with the anticipation of the exquisite pain and pleasure of it all.

I close my eyes and calm my breathing.

“Have you been a good girl this week?” The Lion sternly asks

“Yes, Daddy”. I lie.

“Really? Not fucking other boys?”

“Oh. Well, yes… a few…” I giggle. Brat that I am.

“That is not one of the approved phrases”. He reminds me.

Oops… I really need to keep this straight or its going to really hurt like hell.

“Yes, Daddy. Sorry, Daddy. It won’t happen again, Daddy”

My pussy can’t help itself… already it’s getting wet in anticipation of what is about to happen.


He spanks my right ass cheek.


SLAP! The other cheek.

He rubs gently sooth the sting.

This is just the warm up…

“You were off fucking other boys this week. Weren’t you?”


“Yes, Daddy. Sorry, Daddy”


“That’s better”. He says with an undertone of lust.

(My inner voice continues warping one of the approved phrases … it WILL happen again, Daddy)

Slap, slap, slap…

Sooth, sooth, sooth….

“You have been a very naughty girl this week, and you will have take your punishment like a good girl”

Fuck… I know what is coming next… my body tightens up in anticipation.

The flogger begins its swirling… even before it lands I can feel the wind as he spins the tendrils around gaining momentum before they lands.

Oh sweet pain… it tingles and stings, as the fingers land all over. My ass is getting warmer and my cunt begins to want more.

His expert swings land all over my body, until every inch of my skin is tingling with the shear painful pleasure of it all. I begin to lose my connection, and feel myself begin to float.

I don’t even notice it stop… I’m quietly humming to myself, buzzing.



I brace myself for the next, there are always two…


FUCK FUCK FUCK! That paddle hurts!

The sting’s so sharp… I can’t help myself… my knees move as I crawl away and my hand reaches back to sooth the welt. Fuck, I hate the paddle!

He pauses, and let’s me recover.

Then he taunts.

“Going to call yellow already? Little yellow bitch” He sneers.

I am damned if I am going to call this now. We are only getting started. I know if I breath through the initial pain, the euphoria that will come later will be worth it!

I take a deep breath and get back into position.

Smack, the paddle lands again, this time the sting is less, the pleasure more.

Smack, smack,smack.

Here we go again… my eyes close, and I lose myself once again in the pain/pleasure… body beginning to buzz again.

SMACK…. fuck…. he lands on the wet centre. OMG…

smack, smack, smack….

I lean into it and groan. Fuck, I love the paddle!

“Don’t you dare cum, you have not asked for permission”

Arg…. I groan as he stops…. I was almost there, staring over the edge of the cliff, ready to fall over the edge.

The agonizing torture of it all.


The sting of the crop.

Shit, that was only the beginning.

The crop lands with precision. Leaving it’s little sharp sting, which rolls quickly over to burning ecstasy.

Over and over the bee stings rain down… The paddle, the crop, his hand… I don’t know, and don’t care anymore what is landing… I’m floating again, the tears threaten to fall as the immense feeling of relief begins to well up inside me. One escapes, and rolls down my cheek as I scream with the delicious sensation of being lost in the white sparkly place away from every care of the week.

Once again, he aims for the centre. The sting as the crop lands on my swollen clit nearly sends me over the edge, but I brace myself. I must hold on the the cum until he says I may.

Over and over the crop finds it mark…

My cries matching the rhythm, my entire body is swimming and floating and buzzing… my mind is a complete blank and I let go of the last thread I have on reality.

“Please DADDY! “. I scream

“May I cum???”

“Yes,” he relents “Cum for Daddy”

I leap over the cliff and decent into the crashing waves of pleasure. They roll over my body one after another… twisting and turning me, until I collapse lost and broken.

“Get up, Baby”

“Yes, Daddy, THANK YOU, Daddy”

“It’s time to take you to bed….bring your naughty book… you have a lot to atone for”


It’s going to be a long night, the Lion will not sleep tonight.

click here to read what led to this punishment

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