Roll me over, do it again

My body is still tingling from the hot tub, as we leave the sauna, and head to the Chambre aux fantasime for some fun. We had been there earlier, and had two spectators, but the club was starting to fill up, so there was more potential for fun now.

The Wolf and Young Stallion have been circling as we wandered the club, waiting to see where we will land, the taste they had earlier had only wet for their appetite for more.

Looking around the room, there is not much going on, just the dumpy couple from the pool and sauna, not that any one was watching them once we entered the room. Finally, I am the skinny hot chick, and all the guys in the place want me. My inner goodness is singing an aria.

The bed in the middle of the room is perfect, and we make ourselves comfortable. I want to explore his body, he is an esquisite example of manhood, and I just cant get enough of the feel of him responding to my hands and mouth.

Kissing is always so erotic, our mouths seem desperate for each other, my body begins to respond like it has a mind of its own. Wiggling and squirming, wanting to feel his body on mine. My nipples are still very sensitive from the earlier attention he had given them, and they thrill with need for more as they graze his chest.

“Turn around, I want to taste you”

Mmmmmm, 69, my fav!

His gorgeous cock is waiting for me, and I savor the tip, licking and twirling my tongue, lapping up the tasty juice that has escaped. There is a slight taste of chlorine, I’m starting to associate this combination with my water god.

His hands explore my body, while his tongue exquisitly circles my clit, the sensations starting to build again, making me moan with the desire for more.

He seems to read my mind, and his fingers slip inside, my toes curl with delight.

Around us I can hear the murmurs of appreciation, and a voice whispers in my ear, “May I rub your back?” I nod my consent. His hands start to explore, and my body responds again with pleasure, these hands seem familiar, I glance over, ah, the Wolf has returned for more. My inner goddess grins mischievously.

Having allowed one of the circling predators into the circle the others start to close in, one sits on the bed, and I feel Marc push him away with his foot. There is etiquette in these places…..ask first.

Time for a change of pace, I roll over and bring Marc with me, its been so long since I have had the pleasure of having 69 from the bottom. The utter lack of control always increases my pleasure.

He spies the Wolf, and invites him into the main course. The sensation of the two of them playing, fingering and licking my increacingly aroused clit rapidly become an incredible sound and light show in my head. The explosions of colour and accompanying noise builds, and suddenly one of them hits the right spot and everything disintegrates inside me In a cacophony of feelings. I can’t control myself anymore and I squirt and my body convulses. The sensation is overwhelming, I need them to stop!

Stop, stop, stop, STOP! Pushing them away, I need some time to recover, the Wolf tries to touch me, but my skin feels like it’s burning, I slap his hand, and he looks confused.

I smile, and say “ Un minute,. SVP, I just need to breathe for a second”. Marc checks in, “I’m fine, it just got too much, I’m good now”

“Doucement” he says to the horde of eager wanna-be latharios, inviting them all to touch my quivering body. I close my eyes and the hands all reach eagerly in to be part of the show. OMG! The feeling of every part of my body being touched and caressed at the same time could become very addictive. My inner goddess is purrring with delight.

My body and voice have a mind of their own, I feel like an undulating collection of nerves. Every part of me is alive with the immense pleasure of it all….I’m ready.

I open my eye, and glance at Marc, and smile the dreamy smile of a woman in throes of ecstasy. He wink, turns the Stallion and says “Condom?”

Suddenly, all around me I Hear the rustling of wrappers…. they are all pulling them out…

My inner goddess is clapping like a school girl with excitement.

The young Stallion gets into position, and after I reach to confirm he suitably prepared and guide his throbbing cock into place.

OMG, the feeling of the first cock of the day entering my desperate pussy is mind blowing. I cry out with delight. I look into his eyes and grin, he start to rock, sending my eyes to the back of my head as i cry out with pure pleasure of it all.

I am surrounded with cocks, my hands reach out one on each side, my right hand find a delightfully hard sample of manhood, and I grab hold and feel the lubrication building at the tip…mmmmmmmm.

I glance to my left….OHHHHHH…. one of the biggest cocks I have seen in a while, bigger than the Lion’s (and that’s saying something)

I eagerly reach out and licking my lips, i stroke my fingers tips along the velvety shaft. FUCK… I want this inside one next!

I can feel the Stallions pace increasing. I release the right hand, (I don’t want to lose track of this delicious rod in my right) and wrap my hand around his hips and pull him in, matching his rhythm, my pussy clenching in time. Yes, yes, yes I cry, the pressure once again building up. He throws his head back, and we both groan as his cock jerks inside my tight hole and he cums.

My pussy pouts as he withdraws. The massive cock in my left hand pulls back and he skillfully sheaths himself and gets into position. My pussy purrs with expectation.

My body can’t help it self, I with anticipation. I want to be impaled to the hilt with this cock. Time for more.

He pauses in position, my eyes darken with then lustful thought of being fucked with that impressive wood, and my hips rise up to meet his thrust burying him deep inside. AHHHH I cry, and his eye widen as he realize I took him all in. He starts to pound, reaching all the right places.

My empty left hand is immediately filled when he vacated that position, and another eager cock was primed to be next. I turn my head and spy another gorgeous cock….ohhh… fucked, both hands full AND one in my mouth, what more could a slut want? I open my mouth and stick my tongue out…. the cock is properly placed.

OMG, I’m lost in the feeling, my tongue eagerly tastes the cock, cum dripping from the tip… my mind exploded again, and the massive cock pounds my g-spot and a gush with another massive cum. Bringing the cock inside along for the ride, crying out, I drop everything as every muscle in my body contacts and I curl up and pull his bearded face in for a cum laced kiss as his cock empties his load.

Falling back to the mattress, my now glistening body is again a bundle of very happy nerves. Marc asks “again’

“Oh yeah!” I growl.

He nods to the next and he climbs on board for the ride.

This time I need to see the face as he pounds my already abused pussy. Growling and snarling I pull him in so his rhythm to match my desire. I want a hard pounding. My cry’s are almost primal as I scream with pleasure. The animal fucking does not last too long his eyes clouded and he cums to a crashing end.

The Wolf is ready, he pounces to continue the pounding. My breath was ragged, my scream continued as he ravaged my love canal, driving hard. Again, my body convulses and my muscles contracted and another cum rolled over my numbed nerves. Each cum builds from the last, I’m thinking they can’t get any better, as each one exceeds the last.

“More?” Marc asks? “Please” I nearly shout

Ohhh, I gasp, I had not spotted this one yet, his full dark bread, and deep brown eyes are full of carnal desire. He was waiting for me to get to this state. Utterly fucked up.

FUCK… this will be good.

He does not miss a beat, grabbing my thighs he lifts my legs and plunges in. FFUUUCCCKKKK…. exquisite agony

FUCK! ME! HARD!!!!!! I shout.

He does. Pounding with gusto!

Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!!

He pound and pounds and pounds away, I lose all conscious thought, our eyes are lock as we both drive hard for the finish. My head is filled with the animal noises coming from me, growling and snarling as he fucks every last drop of ecstasy from my body.

With a monster roar he collapses on top, and clamps hard onto my right. FUCK…. I cum once more, hard.

“Again” I growl, and Marc give the nod to the next in line.

This one takes his time, he slowly climbs on, and gently begins to slide his cock in. The feeling is divinely exquisite. His gentle rhythm hides his secret. My eye widen as I feel the length of him reaching to very apex of my cunt. My G-spot rapidly becoming an OMG-spot. My breathing matches his pace, each stroke eliciting a sigh of delirious pleasure. The slow building of sensation with my ravished passage is mind blowing, and he grins as he knows what he is doing to me. The youth ones have power, but with age come incredible skill.

OMG, the sensation is divine. The waves are of pleasure being to crest again, slowing increasing as the feeling builds and builds until once again, I can’t contain my self. My nails dig in and cry out as the tide crashes over the banks. OMG.

My body is a mess.

I lie on the bed, feeling absolutely delighted and used.

“Happy?” I suddenly notice Marc’s hands are still travelling up and down my body, massaging and tending to my acing muscles. The feeling sensual and sublime.

“Oh yea” I murmur back, ‘that was amazing, did you enjoy yourself?”

“Oh, babe, watching you, it’s amazing, you are insatiable”

I softly giggle, and open my eyes. I spy the Young Stallion, perched on the edge of the bed at my feet. Mmmmmm….apparently he too is insatiable. I crook my finger and entice him up for another deep penetrating kiss.

Once again, my body is being worshipped by these two. And it responds with delight. Every nerve ending tingling and screaming for more.

Another condom appears, pressing my knees into my chest, the Stallion mounts again, claiming my drenched pussy another time. FUCK, my mind is a swirl with all the sensations.

Suddenly, I feel my body being moved, over onto all fours. I get into position, my willing ass in the air…. and he plunges once again into my cunt, pounding harder than before.


I look up an see the all cocks waiting… they have all lined up to do it again!

My inner goddess screams as she cums!

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