Floating in the hot tub, I relax as Marc’s hands gently caressed my back and my head rests on his shoulder.

He whispers in my ear, “I adore the way your body looks floating, your tits just at the surface, my naughty little temptress, irresistible ”

My mind wandered to our earlier play in the pool teasing each other with our hands and mouth, working ourselves to a state of arousal that we had to take a break before the staff kicked us out for breaking the rules.

It seems very safe to me to be surrounded by…growing things, and water

Barbara Kingsolver

His hands wander lower, and cupping my floating breasts, he gently teases the nipples, pulling them to attention. I can feel it reach all the way to my already anxious pussy. He pinches, and I can’t hold back, I suddenly gasp, and my body tenses, waiting for the glorious release of as exquisite pain to changes to pleasure. He know my body well, for someone I’ve only meet twice before…..

Even with my eyes closed, I can sense someone else has entered the pool… about time, I’ve been looking forward to teasing a stranger. I open my eye just enough to get a glance, yummm, young and Mediterranean. He should be very delicious.

I close my eyes again, and let the water lap over Marc’s hands and my belly. He knows I want this the young buck to join in, so he gently encourages my body to float towards the waiting stallion. My foot finds his thigh. Gently I run my toe along his side, exploring.

His hand reaches out, and pulls my foot into the perfect position, Yes! I can feel his manhood, already hard with anticipation. Oh, the pleasures of youth. His other hand reaches for my leg, massaging my calf then moving up my thigh. I sigh… the feeling is delightful.

I can feel his finger brush past the lips of my now aching pussy. Ah, the heady feeling of new fingers exploring for the first time. A sigh escapes. Marc pinches again, and my body jumps opening my lips exposing my clit just enough that the stallions fingers find their target. I eek with delight.

Hands are now exploring my tits, my legs and my clit. Mmmmmmm…. floating here my mind relaxes further ignoring all but the pleasant feeling of being worshiped. It feels like a thousand hands all over my body. My arm drifts, and find another hard cock… wait… there are three! Even better!

I open my eyes and appreciate the new addition to my entourage. He’s older, and with a beard. Young is fun, but older men have talent…this should get interesting. My body quivers with anticipation. I catch Marc’s eye, and mouth “thank you”. He replies with a grin, and winks.

I wrap my hand around the waiting cock, it jumps a little at my touch, oh, I love the feeling of power that comes with feeling a man react to my slightest touch… I’m sure he’s thinking about how it would feel to slide his thick rod down my throat… I lick my lips in anticipation.… maybe later. He looks at me like a hungry wolf about to pounce… it’s almost like he can read my salacious thoughts.

My hand moves down and cups his balls, mmmmm, nice, I rub and gently pull, my finger explores and applies the smallest pressure on that lovely sensitive area between his sack and ass hole. I get the response I was looking for, his hips thrust forward begging me to continue. The Wolf is very hungry!

The young stallion’s fingers are now dancing on my clit, making my juices flow and my tight cunt beg for attention. Ahhhhh, he gets a finger in, and slowly begin to sliding in, and out… my body responds meeting his pulses with anticipation.

My head is now swimming with sensations as the six hands explore every inch of my body. I arch my back, sending my face backwards under the water…. I cough, laugh and stand….

Are you ok? Marc asks… better than ok, I murmur as I lean forward to kiss the young stallion, taking his hard cock in my left hand. My mouth moves south, licking and nibbling as I go, my other hand still firmly playing with the wolf’s turgid cock and balls… I love the feel of his bulging tip sliding between my fingers and palm, even under water I can feel the pre-cum escaping the tip…

Slowly I work my way down the stallions muscular abs, he stands up just enough so his long cock crests out of the water. Yum! I can’t help my self, my tongue aches for a taste. I lean over and swirl my tongue around the tip. Mmmm, I can never get enough of that salty taste. I dip the tip of my tongue into his hole. A growl escapes, as I get ready for more.

Then slowly suck him into my mouth. He moans in response. I pull him further into my mouth until he hits the back of my throat, and swallow…. he grabs my head help guide the rhythm. I groan with pleasure. Grabbing his ass to pull him further in.

As I lean forward I can feel Marc’s cock slide between my ass cheeks, as he presses forward using one hand to pinch my nipple again, and the other to grab one of my thighs and to hold me open and invites the wolf to explore.

The wolf eagerly dives in, taking up where the stallion left off. He pumps into my aching cunt matching his pace to mine. I can feel the pressure building, I’m getting close….

I want to taste the Wolf… I remove my mouth from the stallions thrusting cock, and replace it with my hand and turn to see the hungry eyes of the waiting predator. His mouth open with lust, he pounces, devouring my mouth and tongue. I pull back, and grin. “Yum!” I say…. he bears his teeth… his eyes glow. And dives back in!

I move my right hand over to Marc, hand on his chest to balance myself, I break from the hungry mouth, and lean quickly in to take the waiting cock in my mouth. Yes. As tasty as I had anticipated. They do mature with age, like a fine wine.

The stallion now has taken over my ass and cunt, playing with both. I feel the tip of his finger enter my ass, just as I slide the new cock to the back of my throat. I lose control, and moan and thrust back eagerly. I’m lost in the feeling as every hole is filled and hands exploring every inch of my sensitive body. My mind is an explosion of colour and every part of me is screaming with delight. Suddenly, Marc pulls me to my feet, just as the waves of pleasure roll over me. The three men support my quivering body as I let out an immense moan of pleasure.

As I open my eyes, I see I’ve drawn an audience, and four more men are watching from the deck. Hands pumping, eagerly waiting their turn.

The door opens, and the desk clerk starts to come in. Marc murmurs “Merci” to my attendants as they slip out the pool.

He caresses me and asks “Satisfied?”

I throw my head back and laugh “well, it’s a good start!”

Read what happens next

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